Yay Giants!

My Kids’ First New York Giants Home Game Was The Fourth Best Day Of My Life

This is the final day of our New York trip (unless I get around to doing a bloopers post). Catch up on Day 1 and Day 2.

The entire reason we went to New York City was because I decided E was ready for his first NFL home game as New York Giants fans, I wanted it to be at Giants Stadium. I bought tickets to the Browns v. Giants game before we had tickets to fly to NYC or a hotel room. I could not encourage anyone more to pick something they love, loved doing as a kid or now, and saving to bring their kids along. Going with my family on a cold and on and off rainy Giants home game was pretty much the 4th best day of my life after getting married to Scott and having my babies.

The post is mostly photos because what can I say about a game that had a comeback, interceptions, fumbles, field goals, touchdowns by E’s favorite Giant’s player (#80 Victor Cruz), and most importantly, A NYG WIN!

We were all just a little bit excited… well, at least the crazed Giants fans were…


We had the perfect seats for a cold and rainy day.

Perfect NYG seat
Lower level and covered. AWESOME.

My son could not believe there were so many Giants fans in the world. It’s tough growing up in Redskin country (although winning this past weekend made it easier – heh.) Even for all those fans, people were pretty impressed with our dedication…

Cutest little giant fan
I taught her to say: “Excuse me. Biggest little Giants fan coming through.”
Rooting for the giants

Even though my youngest got a bored in the middle of the game, she entertained Scott running around in her cool outfit.

E and I danced and cheered, too.

Fourth best day ever.

What up NYG
What up NY Giants?
Yay Giants!
Giants Fans Forever
My son's first NYG game
E’s smile? Priceless.

I love my family.

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11 thoughts to “My Kids’ First New York Giants Home Game Was The Fourth Best Day Of My Life”

  1. I love this post so much it made me cry. I have dreams of being able to take my kids to a Panthers game one day. (Hopefully sometime in the future when we don’t suck so bad.) I’m proud to say that Victor Cruz is not on just ONE but BOTH of my fantasy teams. So–woo! 🙂

    Also, your daughter wins the Best Dressed At Any Football Game Ever award.

  2. their outfits are AWESOME!!! and as another Giants fan (by way of my hubby ) I can tell you that I am VERY IMPRESSED by the love you have for our NY team.

    it looks like you had a fantastic time. xo

  3. I have always wanted to be a fan of some team. But I’ve never been a fan of a team. But it would be so cool to be a fan of some team so I could teach my kids to say something adorable like, “biggest little giants fan coming through”

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