Family Giants Huddle

As Standard A Halloween Post As I Can Manage With My Weirdly Awesome Family

For Halloween, my kids (finally) decided to be Victor Cruz, #80 on the New York Giants. Yes, both of them were him except my daughter made a last-minute adjust as great football player are apt to do. She added ears and a tail and became Kitty Cat Cruz Giant. It was that or she was wearing a regular dress and telling everyone she was a flower.

Two Victor Cruz
Now this is how you spike the ball Kitty Cat Cruz Giant.

Scott and I were not going to dress up at all because we’ve pretty much been cut out of the dress up business since we pull off the Family Still-Life Painting of 2010, but this motif was too hard to resist. I went as Eli Manning so I could pass to my double-threaten Cruzes, and Scott went as a Redskin because we have some pent-up aggression living in Redskin territory for so long, and we just wanted someone to tackle.

Family Giants Huddle
Don’t let our lack of players fool you. I have a cat, two #80s and red duct tape on my pants. Eli/Alex will not fail.
Redskin Scott
Redskin Scott is terrified AS HE SHOULD BE.
Family Tackle
Family tackle for the win.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween as well. Oh and I found this video quite helpful in candy sorting.

PS. We kept seeing a Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints who was about my son’s age . He eventually turned to my son and angrily yelled: WHY DO I KEPT RUNNING INTO YOU? I couldn’t tell if he was keeping in character or just being a kindergartener. I responded for my surprised son: Just lucky I guess.

PPS. This Halloween costume choice should not come as a surprise to my freaders who have been with me awhile now since they may recall the post about my son angrily yelling at me for not naming him Victor Cruz when he was born.

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10 thoughts to “As Standard A Halloween Post As I Can Manage With My Weirdly Awesome Family”

  1. This is SO cool. That’s a really awesome family pic with you three tackling Scott. It’s neat your kids are into being fans of the team. Thanks for sharing this, put a smile on my face this morning 🙂

  2. Still get a kick about the Victor Cruz naming incident. Hah! Happy Halloween! I always look forward to your trick or treating posts.

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