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Raising Nudists

by Alex Iwashyna

in Awkward, My Daughter, My Son

My children have never been big on clothes. Oh, they are willing to put on clothing when I request it because we are perhaps going to school or to see friends, but at home? They are nudist.

In fact, about 90% of the photographs I take, I have to crop at the waist or add censor buttons. Seriously, check out my birthday post or my family at dinner post or come over unexpectedly, and I promise that 2 flashes of white will greet you as I implore: Can you at least put on underwear? Please?

This is all fine. My sister didn’t wear clothing until she was 5, and my husband used to have a sign on his dorm room warning people when he was lounging in the nude. I have no problem with butts and skin and letting it all hang out. Plus, I save a lot of money on laundry and clothing particularly pajamas.

I would have nothing much to say on the matter except I noticed a strange phenomenon. Over the last year or so, my children have adopted good guy and bad guy stories to their play. Age-appropriate and strengthens conflict resolution skills, right? Yup, well, except the only difference between the good guys and the bad guys is clothing.

Bad guys never wear clothes. EVER.

I’m raising villains.


The other nudist is about to attack me from the flank.

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Chara September 12, 2012 1

You could never adopt me then – and I know you’ve wanted to. I cannot sleep unless I have pants on. I will say naked kid is a lot better than naked adult. I do embrace my children streaking however.


Late Enough September 12, 2012 2

Maybe you’re just a good guy.


TheKitchenWitch September 12, 2012 3

I’ll never forget the moment when I caught Miss D., then about age 2, naked as a jaybird…dancing on our coffee table. I am still hopeful that it isn’t foreshadowing to any kind of future career.


Carrie September 12, 2012 4

Cool, so it’s not just MY kids :)


Skye September 12, 2012 5

I love that your husband lounged nude at college! Did he have roommates?


Lily from It's A Dome Life September 12, 2012 6

I am so disappointed to find out that I am a good guy. It seems like the bad guys always get the best lines. Darn it, Underwear!


Late Enough September 12, 2012 7

HAHA. Loved this response.


Jessica September 12, 2012 8

Mine are constantly naked or semi dressed in play clothes. My teenager walked in from the bus today and said, “why is everyone wearing nothing but winter coats and boots?” Just a typical day in our house.


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