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More Popular Than Being Unliked On Facebook

by Alex Iwashyna

in Reading & Writing Elsewhere, Uncategorized

Me: Someone unliked Late Enough on Facebook.

Scott: Wait a second! After you posted a political rant? I’m shocked! It’s not like you posted about some controversial issue like tutus or cats.

Me: Shut-up.

At least I was pleasantly surprised by aka Laverne who made my tweet into a meme:


When I’m not forgetting it’s the crazy Internets and the only memos I get are really memes, I’m becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

Favorite posts I didn’t read, I mean, write:

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julie gardner September 21, 2012 1

I love your words on politics. And that puppy is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

Happy weekend. I still like you.


Late Enough September 21, 2012 2

I was very pleased with akaLaverne’s meme. It definitely made me feel better. I also have been unfollowed/unliked before — I was just surprised because yesterday’s seemed pretty tame to me.

I still like you too. Wait, what?


Linda September 21, 2012 3

Are you kidding? That was an excellent post. Some people…


Late Enough September 23, 2012 4

I’m usually not that sensitive but for some reason it stood out. Maybe because I’m so close to 1000 likes so I’m noticing it. (hint hint just kidding probably)


MK September 23, 2012 5

LOVE the meme. In my case I may just have lost the memo, but I still like it ;) Also, still look forward to your posts every day (like bunches). Hugs!


Late Enough September 23, 2012 6

Aw, that means so much to me! Love you lots. And thanks for all your support throughout the years. xoxo


Walt September 23, 2012 7

Unliked you? WTF??? Tell Scot to get the shotguns out, I’ll be right over. No wait. I forget sometimes that you don’t live in Nevada.

Cute dog. But I don’t get it.


Mama Pants September 24, 2012 8

Well, I followed you today so…..


Late Enough September 24, 2012 9



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