UPDATE: If This Was A Movie, All The NFL Fans Could Give $1 And We Could Have Real Referees Back

On Monday night, the replacement NFL referees made a terrible call. They missed an offensive pass interference (although that’s not often called in Hail Mary situations so I’m willing to let it go), then they called an interception a touchdown in the last second of a game and the Seahawks won again the Packers when they actually lost. {sigh}

If this was a movie, Keanu Reeves would show up and rally them together to be THE BEST GROUP OF MISFIT REFS EVER with the help of a some strong female lead who really believed in them. I guess that would be me since I wanted to remind everyone that games have been lost on bad calls by good refs, too.

Remember when referee Bill Leavy admitted 2 bad calls during Super Bowl XL, which cost the Seahawks the Super Bowl (karma?). And there are are plenty of examples from 2009-2011 on RefSuck.com (I can’t link to individual posts for some reason.) Are there as many and as often? No, but I’m willing to admit they are there.

However, they aren’t there enough for me to not be terrified everything time my Giants step onto the field this season. So I’m actually the villan in this movie because my plan would not be to rally the fans behind the misfits but get the fans to raise the $3.3 million dollar difference Sports Illustrated reported stands between the NFL owners and the real NFL referees. If every fan gave $1, we’d have somewhere between $34 and $92 million dollars. I just don’t know how I’d get that to owners to give to the real referees and if paypal would allow me to raise that much money. Otherwise, this movie could end just like It’s A Wonderful Life except on a football field with bone-crushing tackles and salsa dancing.

Seriously, though if the replacements refs would come out to the field singing “Whistle,” I might be a little more forgiving. At least until they screwed over my Giants again.
Whistle parody replacement referee video:

PS. I’m referencing the movie, The Replacements, which is the only Keanu Reeves movie I could stomach besides The Matrix trilogy.

PPS. The owners knowing the fans could essentially buy them out, have supposedly reached a deal with the refs and they may be back by this weekend. THE GOOD GUYS WIN. As always.

Alex Iwashyna

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7 thoughts to “UPDATE: If This Was A Movie, All The NFL Fans Could Give $1 And We Could Have Real Referees Back”

  1. It’s just so crazy it might work! I’d donate $1 to that cause.

    I can’t believe you’re indirectly dissing Point Break, though!

    “I am an F- B- I agent!”

    That kind of emotive acting doesn’t come along every day you know.

  2. Okay, that video is awesome and I will be sharing it.

    And can I admit here that I’ve never seen The Replacements because I refuse to watch it, on principle (the principle being that Keanu Reeves sucks)?

  3. Let’s not count our unhatched chickens yet. I’ve heard Sport Illustrated’s football guru, Peter King, saying that we need to remember (and I’m paraphrasing) this agreement was only tentatively reached in principle. Nothing is done yet. I’d be (pleasantly) surprised to see the original refs working by Sunday. I hope it works out that way.

  4. I love your posts about sports. Probably because you are on of my few girlfriends that care. LOVE the movie references and I’m pretty sure I’ll think your brilliant with the YouTube link as well, but alas, my computer won’t download it.

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