More Popular Than My Kids Leaving In The Middle Of The Fourth Of July Fireworks

You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism. -Erma Bombeck

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I took my children to see the fireworks for the first time this year. Yes, I’m THAT MOM who thought staying up late to see the fireworks, which are loud and crowded, was not worth it to kids under the age of 5. I even admitted to it last year (of course, I assume none of the cool moms read my blog except to mock my weirdness).

But my oldest will be 6 at the end of the summer so we decided that he and, by default, his 3-year-old sister, could stay up. Back in January, my son stayed up for the Super Bowl and it was SO MUCH FUN and not just because the Giants won.

We watched a youtube video of the D.C. fireworks from last year to get them psyched, and, with my son as the official fireworks timekeeper, we counted down until 9:30 p.m.. Right on cue, the sky lit up with reds and blues and “star rain” as my kids called it. I was enthralled, but my youngest began to thrash around irritably in our laps and my son soon followed suit.

And then, before the show could finish reminding us how much America rocks and for first time in their lives, THEY BOTH ASKED TO GO TO SLEEP. No prodding changed their minds so we turned our backs on the continuing oohs and ahhs and went to bed with my conscience completely relieved any guilt I had for being an uptight mom about bedtime. I WIN! Nothing but sleep and schedules and sleeping on schedules but still …

When I’m not high-fiving myself for not letting my kids see the fourth of July fireworks for years, I’m becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

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13 thoughts to “More Popular Than My Kids Leaving In The Middle Of The Fourth Of July Fireworks”

  1. We could literally see them from our porch or walk 5 minutes for an even better view and I ended up watching them for about 2 minutes on TV instead. Fireworks are overrated!

  2. we don’t do the fireworks either…unless we are on a boat. and then E falls asleep in his life jacket under a blanket. Because we are on a gently rocking boat.

    This year? The boat has a bum engine. So there were no fireworks.

    Also? E hates loud noises this year. Random.

    Congrats on the AllParenting list. I love that site!

  3. Whoo hoo!!! So proud of you for making AllParenting’s list! You are awesome.
    And I totally dragged my two year old to fireworks at Dogwood Dell. Which was way too crowded and late and loud. So I think you win. Next year, we will be hanging out at home.

  4. I am all about schedules, too. Plus it was uber hot here (triple digits) and how insane to be sitting outside sweating my balls off for 20 minutes of fireworks. I jetted after the first five and one of my kids came home with me b/c she was tired.

    They’re still little, they need sleep. I don’t know how other kids get by on so little…

  5. Sounds nice to me! I like professional fireworks but not the neighborhood disaster zone of amateur fireworks. I like that Erma Bombeck quote at the beginning too.

  6. Wait…did I miss something? I thought you were outside. Nothing beats outdoors. You can see the real colors, smell the smoke. HUZZAH! We always go and watch . Except this year. Because it was raining. So we watched on TV. Sigh.

  7. I took our bigs to the Fireworks on the James show & they loved it, except the older started yelling that he HAD to go to the bathroom when the show was 5 minutes from being over. So we missed the finale. Again.

  8. Girlchild is much more adept at asking to go to sleep than Boychild. I love it when they do that. Of course my own ability to sleep in is ruined because of their 545a schedule…

  9. A lot of our plans get thwarted because we kept the kids on such rigid sleep schedules and now rarely tolerate staying up late even with a nap. But my big girls are the world’s best sleepers so take that, all you people fighting the bedtime battles!

  10. I am that mom too – preserve the sleep schedule at all costs. Now that he’s 3 we thought we’d start trying some things with him that would go late or with no nap – wedding, beach, etc. What does he do? Asks to go home and sleep. Awesome!

    1. I thought we’d be good or at least I’d have Scott back-up if it went bad but instead they had to peel Scott and I away from the fireworks. The unpredictability of children is very impressive.

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