Our car post hit and run

More Popular Than Being In A Hit And Run

Scott was driving home from work when a green sedan sped up behind him and changed lanes so quickly that he hit our car and DROVE AWAY.

Once I established that Scott is okay (he is), I moved on to being PISSED — a place I’m much more comfortable with than worrying about my husband’s wellbeing.

MOstly because this is what our car looks like:

Our car post hit and run

The police think we’ll never catch him because even though I KNOW there’s a green sedan out there with a jacked up front bumper driven by a person who CAUSED AN ACCIDENT AND DROVE OFF LIKE THEY HAVE NO FEELINGS, the likelihood of finding him and proving it was him is close to zero. Where’s my Law and Order and CSI crew? Oh wait, one of us would have to be murdered so forget it.

A witness circled back and another person came out of a store to see if Scott was okay and to give their information as witnesses. Those people barely save humanity.

This is the second time we’ve been in a hit-and-run. The first time I was 9 months pregnant with my son. Luckily, it happened at 5 mph so while the door was dented and scraped, everyone was okay although the police did try to call the ambulance since my gigantic belly scared them. Also, Scott tried to go on a high-speed chase after the 4 teenage boys to which I said: WHAT ARE DOING? I’M 9 MONTHS PREGNANT.
Scott said: Oh yeah, BUT..
Me: No buts. Except my big pregnant one.

Scott pulled over and the car or driver was not caught back then either.

The moral of the story is hit-and-runs totally pay off.


When I’m not getting hit by cars, I’m becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

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13 thoughts to “More Popular Than Being In A Hit And Run”

  1. Im ashamed to admit that I caused a hit and run accident myself. Then again, it was when I was backing out of my garage and hit my other car in the driveway…for the second time.

    Someone needs to revoke my license

  2. This brings to main questions to mind:
    1. Are people really THAT horrible?! Amazing that people will hit someone WITH THEM IN THE CAR EVEN and just drive off.
    2. Do you all have any sort of target on you? What crummy luck!

    1. Seriously you must have a target on your vehicles or something that sucks a lot. I recently had a hit and run accident in a parking lot that totaled my car. No cameras and no way to find them it seriously sucks but I wasn’t in the car so I’m glad that Scott was alright. It’s really weird that they hit the car with him in it and drove off that’s just crazy to me.

  3. my lawyer husband always says, if you’re going to kill someone, do it with your car. in case you needed some advice along those lines.

    this post reminded me of something that happened to me when i was 7mos pregnant with joseph. we were living in falls church then, and i had run to giant to pick up some things before my mother in law and some other visitors arrived from cleveland. i was standing alongside my minivan, one foot on the ground and one on the running board, buckling owen into his car seat when some idiot backing out of her parking space rammed my van. the van lurched, i stumbled, but did not fall, and it took me a minute to process what the hell had happened–i thought maybe it was an earthquake! by the time it all came together in my head that somebody had actually hit my car, she was well on her way, probably chuckling at the sight of me receding in her rearview, shaking my swollen fist and clutching my enormous midsection.

    i am fortunate to be able to say, though, that the woman who struck me (as a pedestrian) with her car in 2000 not only stopped, but accompanied me to the hospital. so maybe that’s the way to go.

    1. By being nice and doing the right thing they saved me hating humanity because of the hit and run. But only a little bit since I was still pretty upset that it’s happened twice and my husband could’ve gotten hurt.

  4. An old crossing guard headed home ended up rear ending my husband with my baby in the back seat.The best part was that this crossing guard, very ripe in age was hammered. Drunk as a skunk. And he tried to play the “Oh I am so old, my first picture was taken with Jesus at the last supper table”…and that drunk bass turd drove away!
    Moral of the story: Old people cannot be trusted.

  5. There are logical reasons for some people to drive away. We have laws which exclude certain classes of people from being allowed a drivers license. You know, the folks with the moral turpitude to have been born on the wrong side of the border…..
    If anyone without a license gets involved in an accident, they are totally screwed. In our infinite legislative wisdom, we have made it more likely for people to do the wrong thing, and I might add, have done absolutely nothing to “secure our borders” or make us safer in any way.

    1. I think that’s a very good point. And I would be understanding about that IF, in my husband’s particular case, the other person hadn’t been driving unsafely which caused the accident (speeding and changing lanes haphazardly).

  6. Glad he’s okay. I was hit by a drunk hit & run driver right before I turned 18. It gave me whiplash, which I knew with certainty, having experienced it only a few years earlier. So not only was I unwillingly strapped down and taken to the hospital, but I was disappointed to learn that they caught the dude, but then failed to press charges. Boo!

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