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Um, You’re Doing It Wrong

by Alex Iwashyna

in WTH

I’ve noticed a lot of people are doing it wrong. By “it” I mean “everything,” but I’m just going to start with email and Facebook.


It's like spam has just given up. And that's a bit sad.


Gosh, with less than 700,000 likes, it's no wonder Jesus took out an ad.


If I get VapoRub for Mother's Day, I'll be pissed.

Well, now that I’ve assured that Vick’s VapoRub or Jesus never advertise on Late Enough, my work here seems to be done.

PS. I demanded Scott chase down an SUV with an ironic license plate, which is what inspired this blog, but I can’t post the picture even though these people are DEFINITELY DOING IT WRONG because I live in Richmond so either one of my family members works with them or one of my friends is besties with them. If only the car had cut me off, I could post the picture with a clear and vengeful conscience.

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Leigh Ann May 7, 2012 1

This had me shake laughing in bed. I love that you commented on that Vicks post.


Kimberly May 7, 2012 2

You can never go wrong with a post inspired by a Jesus ad. I needed this laugh. Jesus did I ever.
Not spam though.
What’s in that shit?


Michele May 7, 2012 3

so, how DO I get Jesus to sponsor by blog?….. :D


Rob R May 7, 2012 4

I think the Spam thing is kind of reverse psychology. It’s kind of like daring you not to click it.


This Common Reader May 7, 2012 5

When I sense that I am doing it wrong, I break out my Emily Post manual.


Ashley // Our Little Apartment May 7, 2012 6

LOL! The Vapor Rub comment. I mean, really. I guess the social media people have a tough time with that but, REALLY? As a gift? That’s a stretch, man.


audrey May 7, 2012 7

Hey Alex, check out my photo album called Suffering Succotash! on Facebook. It has an inappropriate license plate in there, a van with the plate KDNPPR or something to that effect. Cali plate so you may not offend anyone… There is also a picture of a shampoo bottle with Whale sperm as an ingredient. Go, look, now!


Late Enough May 7, 2012 8

can you throw out a link to the photo album?


Walt May 7, 2012 9

No Ma’am, they cannot see you through the glass. Just point to the one you saw….


TheKitchenWitch May 7, 2012 10

If I get Vapor Rub as a gift, heads will roll!


R's Mom May 7, 2012 11

As a fellow Richmonder, now I’m dying to know the license plate! I’ve seen several recently that have made me wonder about the driver… (and I know the one you saw didn’t belong to me or my family, as we all have boring plates!!)


Late Enough May 7, 2012 12

But what if they’re your bestie?


Katie May 7, 2012 13

wait. who buys VICKS as a gift? no one. that’s who.

stupid vicks.


Skye May 7, 2012 14

OK, these are hilarious, especially VapoRub. But how can you taunt us with that license plate? Can you tell us what it said without posting a picture? They must know their license plate is funny/ironic…


Late Enough May 7, 2012 15

Dude, I know. I had the good angel “this blog shouldn’t hurt anyone” versus the hilarious devil “omg these people cannot be doing this on purpose” — the angel won mostly because I’d ended up parked next to them a few days later.


julie gardner May 7, 2012 16

And now of course I want to know who has more “likes”:

Jesus or VapoRub?

Anyway, Happy Women’s Friendship Day to you, Alex!
I’m celebrating by driving around in a car with state-issued plates.
BO-RING, I know.

But not ironic. Much.


Mandy May 7, 2012 17

LOVE this. Even more that you commented on the Vics.


The Mommy Psychologist May 8, 2012 18

Vaporub? Really? I hope that’s one gift I don’t get for Mother’s Day.


Anne at Always Half Full May 8, 2012 19

If one of my girlfriends gives me Vicks as a gift, I’m calling the friendship right then and there.


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