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More Popular Than Spring Break

by Alex Iwashyna

in Reading & Writing Elsewhere

We’re finally on SPRING BREAK!


I've never gone scuba diving on spring break, but I've drank enough on spring break to think this outfit was a good idea.

It’s more like this:


My kids giving the International Sign for Ice Cream.

This week was weird because my stomach is trying to kill me so I couldn’t write much, and next week will be weird as I was already planning to post less because of spring break. Plus, I have another sponsored post coming up.

(NOTE: This sponsored post thing isn’t some sort of blog shift. I got 2 offers for things I care about, writing and bullying, which fell within a week of each other. Let’s just pretend they are separated by the 6 months since the last time I did anything sponsored. ALSO NOTE: Not posting as often isn’t some sort of blog shift either although I’m going to keep making Aliens jokes until Sigourney Weaver saves me from my weird stomach pain.)

When I’m not partying with my kids on Spring Break, I’m becoming more popular reading and writing elsewhere.

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

Favorite posts I didn’t read, I mean, write:

  • Coming Home: From Old Tweener, her son visits home from college seem more and more like visits and less like coming home. For him at least. (poignant)
  • Famous Movie Scenes With Cats: From Pleated-Jeans, a video montages of Casablanca, Se7en, Harry Potter and other movies sliced with cats being awesome. (hilarious, not safe for work)
  • Why It Is NOT Better to Give than Receive: From In Pursuit of Happiness, why asking for help is as important as being willing to give it. (thoughtful)
  • Size 12 Rule: From Pretty All True, a list of odd things Kris’ has heard or been told in the last 48 hours including “Is there a sadder thing in this world than an astro-turfed living room?  Yeah, I thought so.  So I am pretty much living the dream.”. (funny)
  • The Romney Campaign: Originally posted in the New York Times but reposted on her blog, Bad Parallel Parker, an article on what it’s like to cover Mitt Romney during this political campaign. The ending is also the quote of the week in the newsletter* because it universal for all of us working hard and well on something we love. (interesting)
*Since you probably don’t get my weekly newsletter if you’re reading this post, here’s the quote:
“I’m just so tired,” he said, “I think because of all the laughter.”
-A Washington Post colleague of Ashley Parker 

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Sherri April 6, 2012 1

Oh, you are so sweet to include me here! And Spring Break? Sure isn’t what I remember…


The Mommy Psychologist April 6, 2012 2

I hope you give birth to your alien soon!


Miss Britt April 6, 2012 3

Thank you for including me! And that post from the campaign trail was super interesting.


Kimberly April 6, 2012 4

That is the international sign for ice cream? How clever. When I’m in Italy…which will be never…I will try that out.
I’ve signed up for a crap ton of sponsored posts. I’m not working so I’ve got to take what I can get ;)


Lady Jennie April 11, 2012 5

Feel better. And don’t worry about awesomely written sponsored posts.


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