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Mooning Should Be An Olympic Sport

by Alex Iwashyna

in Social Life

I’ve participated in some epic mooning battles in my lifetime.

There was the great moon of ’94 when I walked down the basement steps and my sister leapt out of the storage room butt first.

There was the ’98 midnight U-turn where my car headlights caught sight of a bare bottom directly in my path home.

Then there’s the countless times Scott and I have teamed up, stolen cameras, and left butt-notes on them.

I am relentless and without remorse when it comes to bottoms.

My Draw Something opponents never stood a chance.


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Carrie April 4, 2012 1

That bottom picture took me FOREVER to guess :p I kept thinking butt or moon but obviously those letters didn’t work.


Late Enough April 4, 2012 2

I was laughing so much about drawing you a butt that I didn’t even think about drawing any other hints.


julie gardner April 4, 2012 3

I love that you not only circled it, but you drew an arrow.
Because subtlety is totally overrated.

p.s. I’d pay money to see the great moon of ’94. And I’m not even creepy.


The Mommy Psychologist April 4, 2012 4

Butt notes, huh? I’ve never left a butt note. And not because I’m above them. Only because I’ve never thought of it before. Hmm….


Katie April 4, 2012 5

huh. so Cort and I are NOT the only people who put our bare bootocks on people’s cameras for a later discovery.

well then.

carry on.


Katie April 4, 2012 6

Ahh the Great Moon of ’94. I won the war with that one…haven’t mooned since.


Leigh Ann April 5, 2012 7

My friend in college would pull her pants down, bend over slightly, and walk backwards, beeping like a truck.


Kimberly April 5, 2012 8

I love stealing my sister’s phone and snapping shots of my “cracked” smile. I mean who wouldn’t love to turn on there phone and be presented with the whitest thing on earth?


Wombat Central April 5, 2012 9

Moon would have been my first guess, too.


Kerstin April 5, 2012 10

One of my fondest memories of my “younger years” is a mooning party. I have a picture of 6 moons and I bet I could still recognize every one of them…


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