Mooning Should Be An Olympic Sport

I’ve participated in some epic mooning battles in my lifetime.

There was the great moon of ’94 when I walked down the basement steps and my sister leapt out of the storage room butt first.

There was the ’98 midnight U-turn where my car headlights caught sight of a bare bottom directly in my path home.

Then there’s the countless times Scott and I have teamed up, stolen cameras, and left butt-notes on them.

I am relentless and without remorse when it comes to bottoms.

My Draw Something opponents never stood a chance.


Alex Iwashyna

Alex Iwashyna went from a B.A. in philosophy to an M.D. to a SAHM, poet and writer by 30. She spends most of her writing time on, a humor blog (except when it's serious) about her husband fighting zombies, awkward attempts at friendship, and dancing like everyone is watching. She also has a soft spot for culture, politics, and rude Southern people who offend her Yankee sensibilities. She parents 2 elementary-aged children, 1 foster baby, 3 cats, and 1 puppy, who are all Southern but not rude. Yet.

10 thoughts to “Mooning Should Be An Olympic Sport”

  1. I love that you not only circled it, but you drew an arrow.
    Because subtlety is totally overrated.

    p.s. I’d pay money to see the great moon of ’94. And I’m not even creepy.

  2. Haha!
    I love stealing my sister’s phone and snapping shots of my “cracked” smile. I mean who wouldn’t love to turn on there phone and be presented with the whitest thing on earth?

  3. One of my fondest memories of my “younger years” is a mooning party. I have a picture of 6 moons and I bet I could still recognize every one of them…

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