Preschool iPhone

I Am Surprised My Son Knows What Pencils And Paper Are

My son hands me his most recent artwork.

He’s babbling on about how it allows him to do anything like games and phone calls and racing. And I ask all the wrong questions because I have no idea what he’s drawn.

Until I hear E explain it to Scott: Here’s the letters where I send messages to people.

Scott: Texting?

Yup. My preschooler drew an iPhone.

Preschool iPhone
I definitely see Angry Birds and the phone icon now.

Also, E’s totally right. His iPhone will let him to do anything. Like write this blog post. Except I’m too dinosaur to figure it out and make this blog post extra meta. T-Alex. RAWR. I’m obsolete because my son draws iPhones for fun and will probably invent iBrains, and I will keep making T-Rex jokes on this old-fashion blog thing. {sigh rawr}

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15 thoughts to “I Am Surprised My Son Knows What Pencils And Paper Are”

    1. Remember busy signals and being tethered to a wall by the phone? Remember being out all day so no one could reach you but you didn’t know that because there were no answering machines. Also, my doorbell only rings once a week. Maybe less. Our kids are going to be so weird.

    1. Last time I read to Carter from a paper book he said, “Don’t you have something on your Kindle? This kind of book is just so old-fashioned!” Um, what?

  1. I’m still sans iPhone, too. I know those things are powerful, do you think E could make your breakfast with it? If so I’m going to get one and start giving lessons tomorrow!

  2. Crazy that one day the things we do will be old isn’t it? Ashlyn once drew me as a stick figure with massive boobs. If I had only been in social media in those days maybe they would have been covered up by my MacBook.

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