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Gone Fishin’

by Alex Iwashyna

in Social Life


Alex Goes Fishing

Gonna catch the big one just as soon as I untangle these lines.

See y’all Monday.

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The Mommy Psychologist April 12, 2012 1

Good luck! Catch a big one!


Rob R April 12, 2012 2

That looks pretty much what my fishing pole looks like. And it’s usually about that time that I decide to go back inside and play Xbox instead.


Abby April 12, 2012 3

Enjoy your spring break!


Life As Wife April 12, 2012 4

You’re braver than I am!

God speed!!


julie gardner April 12, 2012 5

You might be my hero.


Katie April 13, 2012 6

I can’t wait for the fish story.


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