The Cake Scott Did Not Want To Make

We threw a birthday party* for my daughter and 5 days before it, I emailed my husband a youtube video of a castle cake with the subject: I WANT TO MAKE THIS CAKE FOR N

Wednesday Night

Scott never responded to my awesome cake idea and how-to video so at dinner I casually ask: Did you get the youtube video?

Scott: Of the cake?

Me: Yes, I really think I can make it for N.

Scott: I really think you should buy a cake.

Me: We can do it as our Saturday night date!

Scott: Things are stressful as it is without trying to bake a cake the night before the party.

Me: I knew you would say that, but what you don’t understand is I REALLY WANT TO MAKE N’S CAKE AND I REALLY NEED YOU TO BE ON BOARD WITH ME MAKING IT.

I begin to nod and smile like I just ingested a small animal as a snack.

Scott begins to nod and sighs: Okay, you’re making N’s cake.

Thursday Night

I write-up the ingredients list and our timeline for Saturday. Scott mostly ignores me.

Friday Night

I begin puking and pooping my brains out. Scott wishes he could ignore me.

Saturday Morning (24 hours before the party)

I leave the bathroom for the first time, but I cannot do any task for more than 15 minutes without needing to lay down. And by “task,” I mean “getting a glass of water” and “picking up 3 legos” because that takes me 15 minutes to accomplish.

Scott looks at me laying on the couch in 2 different socks, a backwards shirt and sweatpants and says: We can’t give our guests a stomach virus as a party favor.

Me: I know.

Scott: So I’m making the cake I didn’t want to make.

Me: I’ll cheer for you!

If cheering means sleeping, I totally did that. And four hours after I go to bed, Scott finishes the cake.

Sunday (PARTY DAY)

We unveil this:

TADA! And it won't make you puke!

Scott made a great cake although it pains me almost as much as the stomach virus did to give him all the credit. Maybe not as much as it pained him to have to make the birthday cake all by himself.

*The birthday party was quite small because my daughter is quite small and introverted so try to only be offended for a little bit that you weren’t invited.

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More Popular Than My Attempt At A Facebook Cover Photo

I really really wanted this to be my Facebook page cover photo, but it kept looking blurry because Facebook hates words:


I like the photo collage that I eventually made even if it took 100s of hours and every Facebook page has one:


BUT LET IT BE NOTED THAT I DO NOT LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO, ZUCKERBERG. Also, I suck at photography. These are my  10 best pictures. Period.

PS. Why does the red background vary so much using the same hex code? It’s like my computer is daring me to buy Photoshop but I won’t until it can fix blurry photographs. (Wait, can it?)

When I’m not fighting with Facebook and blurry pictures, I’m becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

Favorite posts I didn’t read, I mean, write:

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