Smelling a flower Step 1

More Popular Than What Really Happens When You Stop And Smell The Flowers

Stopping to smell the flowers is not all it’s cracked up to be:

Smelling a flower Step 1
She stopped to smell a lot of flowers.
Smelling a flower Step 2
Wait, what's yellow, Mama?
Smelling a flower Step 3

When my kids and I aren’t rushing back inside to avoid nature, I’m making myself even more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

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5 thoughts to “More Popular Than What Really Happens When You Stop And Smell The Flowers”

  1. YES! We had the same issue, though it was my lame parenting that did it. I was on a run with Lucy and Sampson and for entertainment purposes I gave Lulu a camellia flower that had fallen on the ground. What’s better than pulling petals off? And I knew she’s also love to feel how soft they were. When we were finished she was covered in yellow pollen being enthralled with the yellow stamen part as well. And the girl has MY allergy problem. Brilliant Mommy!

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