More Popular Than My Son The Writer

It’s no secret I’m convinced my son is going to be a writer. I guessing sci-fi since he comes up with the best names for planets, stuffed cats and superheroes like Skidolen, Charsy and Dareson.

This week he wrote his first sentence.

In full disclosure: Scott helped him figure out the Y in Tony.

Tony is Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man. No, we have not watched the Robert Downey, Junior version with him (although Scott did try and watch Iron Man 2 before Iron Man 1, which FREAKED ME OUT). The kids and I watch the cartoon version where Iron Man is still in high school.

I look at it as prep work for his future career.

Well, when I’m not bragging about my son and looking forward to our time at Comic Con, I reading and writing elsewhere.

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