More Popular Than Letting My Children Build A Garden Path To Nowhere

I’m big on giving my children autonomy. They choose their clothing (within a 15 degree match of the temperature outside), they choose their snacks in the afternoon, and they choose their haircuts.

So when I was designing a children’s garden in my backyard, I let them choose the path.

I thought they would pick square stepping-stones, which would go from the brick path through the (soon to grow) wildflowers, take a left at the azalea bushes and arrive next to the shed.

They didn’t even choose square stepping-stones.

When I’m not keeping my mouth shut and wondering what to do with the other 15 pounds of red rock we didn’t use, I’m becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

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4 thoughts to “More Popular Than Letting My Children Build A Garden Path To Nowhere”

  1. I would totally go down that path- totally! I may get some stones in my sandals, but who cares? I’m sure it was fun, and left them with a sense of pride.
    Also, I would like to take up knitting just so I can make a uterus.
    Also, I’m too lazy to probably take up knitting.

  2. I’ve heard many NPR stories about Trayvon Martin this week. So sad. But wow, that “No Apologies” article was incredibly powerful (and heartbreaking). Thanks for sharing it.

    I had not heard about Obama and ASL. Love it!

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