More Popular Than Homemade New York Giants Jerseys

We’ve been getting psyched up for the Superbowl. We have a dance, and I’m pretty sure that if E stays up for most of the game, he’ll have to miss school on Monday. We all gotta take one for the team.

My biggest prepping stress was not finding youth jerseys for E and N in time. But we decided to just make them ourselves with iron-ons and puffy paint. Awesome.

E Adding Puffy Paint Stripes photo
He picked 50 because no one else on the Giants is that number. YET.
N in Her Purple Giants Jersey photo
N is a Purple New York Giant. Obviously.

When I’m not getting craftastic and freaking out over the New York Giants, I’m reading and writing elsewhere.

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

  • A Yankee’s First Week In Richmond, Virginia: On Richmondmom, I tell how confusing and downright weird the South was in that first week of being here. One of my favorite funny posts I’ve written for the site.
  • My Favorite iPhone Case: On This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff, I review the iPhone case I bought after my cat broke maliciously broke my phone. It’s a wallet and a case, and I accidentally dropped it down the stairs and my phone is fine. Whoa.

Favorite posts I didn’t read, I mean, write:

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