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More Popular Than Snuggling With My Sick Kids

by Alex Iwashyna

in Reading & Writing Elsewhere

The kids didn’t feel well at the beginning of the week so the fact that I got anything done earns me the medal of honor, valor and awesome-sauceness.

sick kids snuggling photo

This picture makes me smile even though it exists because they were sick.

Snuggles with my son photo

I appreciated the extra snuggling with my son, but I wasn't as into it at 2 a.m..

When I’m not taking care of sick kids and looking for extra sympathy, I’m writing and reading elsewhere…

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

Favorite posts I didn’t read, I mean, write:

  • H&M, I Quit You: From The Woven Moments, my friend writes “… to tell me I’d be lucky to find something that fits, considering I wear the same size as the average American woman, well that’s just insulting.” (compelling)
  • Diabetics call Paula Deen a hypocrite for hiding disease while promoting sugar-heavy foods: From FoxNews, as you’ve probably heard, Paula Deen announced she has Type 2 Diabetes and in the same breath is the new spokesperson for a pharmaceutical company. Why Deen is (and has been) doing a disservice to others. (interesting)
  • Scientists create ‘time cloak’ that masks an entire event: From MSNBC, I freaked out when I first read that scientists could mask people in time, but it turns out it was for 15 picoseconds and not a person. Still kinda cool though. (nerdy)
  • Supreme Court Overturns ‘Right v. Wrong’: From The Onion, the Supreme Court narrowly overturns Right v. Wrong letting wrong prevail forever. (funny)
  • Peace Begins At Home: We all deserve healthy relationships. Let’s support the Building Healthy Futures fund through this fantastic new license Virginia plate. (important and even if you can’t buy the license plate, consider sharing the link with your friends, Facebook and Twitter if you live in Virginia.)

I hope your family is feeling well this weekend. Or at least keeps their sick germs away from us. {shakes fist menacingly}

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Ryan (The Woven Moments) January 20, 2012 1

Hey, look at that…. I got me a shout out!

Thanks, lady!!


Late Enough January 20, 2012 2

No problem. Sorry for the multiple pingbacks. I forgot to include the Peace Begins At Home initiative in my original post ( I blame the sick kids.


Ryan (The Woven Moments) January 21, 2012 3

No worries. Pingbacks are like kittens…you can never have enough. ;)


Tara January 22, 2012 4

Hope the kids feel better soon!


Late Enough January 22, 2012 5

Thank you. E feels better but N is still coughing all night. {sigh} {cue violins}


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