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Hippie Girl

Is hippie nature or nurture?

Well, my kids know how to wash out and put plastic containers into our recycling “area”. I can’t really call it a bin because it mostly looks like this:

My Recycling Section photo
Perhaps we need to practice a little more reduce.

I also attempted to teach my son about why recycling is important by launching into a climate change lecture, and since we didn’t have a white Christmas or any snow in Richmond so far, my son is now terrified that it will snow in on his birthday. Which is in August.

I explained it well. Too well.

But for all my indoctrination of how to be good stewards of our environment, I’m pretty sure there’s a green gene.

Or at least a dirty hippie gene.

Why yes, she did do her own hair after dressing herself.
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Throw in a few daisies and drumming circle and watch our world. We’re coming to save you.

Alex Iwashyna

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