20 thoughts to “AOL Keywords Are Not The Only Internet I Miss”

  1. I remember walking with my ex boyfriend – a computer geek with incredible short sightedness – and telling him what this new internet thing needed was a bookstore where people could buy used and new books on line.

    He told me it was a stupid idea and the internet was just a fad. (HA! and DOUBLE HA!) He was wrong on both counts – hello Amazon. Good thing we broke up. 😉

    I started blogging in 2004 and remember that article coming out shortly thereafter. I totally thought, for the first time, I was AHEAD of the game. I still have my online diary and still update it on occassion. There’s something very comforting about being able to go back and read what I wrote during my first year of marriage and before I had kids.

    Of course, I didn’t stay ahead of the game because I didn’t understand that there was this whole community of non-LiveJournal bloggers out there until…um…2010.

    Ahhh…Memory Lane. 🙂

  2. I first got the internet, via AOL, in 1997. I have fond memories of that time. 15 years later and my dad still has his AOL email even though he just recently got cable internet. He has no clue how to get on anything without it.

  3. You are adorable belly goddess. I was so opposed to fb in the beginning certain the information would only be used to haunt me and embarrass me of my past failures and flops…or worse be followed and tracked by the gov. The second might be true but I’ve realized I don’t really care about the first all that much anymore.

  4. I got my first computer in 1996 and the people of UseNet helped me stay a little bit sane while my first marriage burned down around me. Wow, it was different then, but it always had the same purpose for me: to find people and make some friends. Why I went by the name LinoleumLizard is totally lost to history, though. Sad, really.

    For your nostalgic enjoyment: http://bit.ly/A7p8AA

  5. I first got the internet in middle school- it’s crazy to imagine life without it. I used to chat with totally random people on AIM (you could look up people by interest, and I’d change my interests up all the time for fun). Most of the time I’d make up a fake life story, or send photos of my then-boyfriend in drag pretending it was me and see what people said. (Oddly, instead of calling me out on sending a picture of an obvious guy, lots of people just told me how ugly I was.) I actually made one real friend that way though- we dated online (I know, I was a dork) and we’ve still never met in person but occasionally talk… when facebook came out I was so excited that I could prove he was a real person and not an old pervert!

  6. Ha! My spam is famous! 😉

    I started using the internet in 1995. I remember being so excited to get the internet…and then sitting there in front of the computer thinking “hmmmm…what next?”. And it was soooooooooo slow. I started with chat rooms and creepy 45-year-olds too. Isn’t that how everyone got started on the internet?

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