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We Adopted A Nugget

by Alex Iwashyna

in Pets

I stayed away from the SPCA for 10 months, and a cat found me at Pet Smart (well, the non-profit cat foster program within the store).

My son looks at Scott while the 4-month-old kitten licks his face: I think he wants to be in our family.

Within 24 hours, I take it to Facebook because that’s one of two ways I make all my big decisions. The other way being this blog.

Facebook Get A Cat Status photo

I'm very susceptible to you people.

Within 48 hours, the adoption center tells me how she knows we are the best match for this cat. Flattery will get you everywhere with me.

Within 72 hours, he moved in.

Nugget the Cat photo

Hi y'all.

My daughter named him Nugget. Nugget Hamburger Iwashyna.

I’m a little concerned she’s planning to eat him.

Hungry Nugget the Cat photo

I'll eat you first.

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Katie December 26, 2011 1

YAY! yet another blogger who just got a cat. I may have to start the begging process around here. I miss having a cat in my lap.


Late Enough December 26, 2011 2



Abby December 26, 2011 3

Ahhhhhh! So cute! And his name is AWESOMEsauce. Seriously. Welcome to the family little kitters!!


Tracie December 26, 2011 4

He is so so cute!!

I love it when bloggers get new kittens, because this is the closest I can come to a cat without sneezing.


Alesha December 26, 2011 5

Aww, how awesome! Glad you got the cat. PetSmart got me on a weak day six years ago (had just buried my late fiance that morning) and I spotted a little gray cat curled up in its litter box in the back of a cage, one gold eye watching me quietly. I read the card on the cage, which told her story of being found in a rough part of town at only 5 months old with one eye so badly damaged that it had to be removed. My little one-eyed Riley came home with me that night.


Late Enough December 26, 2011 6

I’m glad you and Riley found each other and I’m so sorry for your loss then.


Skye December 26, 2011 7

Nugget is adorable. Good choice to add him to your family! :)


Anne at Always Half Full December 26, 2011 8

Love the full name. Sure she doesn’t want to add “McDonald’s” somewhere in there?


Tara December 26, 2011 9

Ahh! He is so cute. I love his name too. It reminds me of the name my son picked out for our cat…Lemon. Owen hasn’t eaten him yet so I think Nugget will be OK.


Leigh Ann December 27, 2011 10

I’m not anti cat. One of them is laying on me in bed as i poke out this comment on my phone and I’m NOT kicking him off. I love them. Just not when they want to go out in the middle of the night. And come in 5 minutes later. Damn you bedroom with a door to the backyard!


Late Enough December 27, 2011 11

I didn’t think YOU were anti-cat — I should’ve called it the one realistic cat response. Nugget woke us up with a bell at 1 a.m., Huckle followed suit at 4 a.m. and my kids filled out the middle. {sigh}


Auntie Marge December 27, 2011 12

They ARE trainable but not easily. Our orange cat generally walks in the front door and starts clawing up the big old chair nearby. He has shredded one side. After months of us yelling and picking him up and tossing him across the room, now he walks in and looks suspiciously over his shoulder at us and then sits down to think about it and finally walks away. I still love him but I sure wish he hadn’t shredded that chair. Maybe I could move it someplace else so he could make it balanced.
Love you, love my kitty, Aunty Marge


audrey December 27, 2011 13

fwiw I named my first cat Pizza and never ate him.


Mary December 27, 2011 14

What if we named all of our animals after food we liked? Like pad thai or pb cup? ;)


Kristin December 27, 2011 15

Mazel Tov! :) Welcome to the family, little Nugget.


Bmomma December 27, 2011 16

nugget is awesome, but the name makes me wonder…has N been up late watching Chelsea Lately? : )


Erin December 27, 2011 17

One of my son’s nicknames is Nugget. I knew your daughter was brilliant.


wombatcentral December 29, 2011 18

We’re allergic to kitties :( so I was going to vote for your getting him. Yay!


wombatcentral December 29, 2011 19

I just realized that made no sense at all. I wanted you to get him so I could live vicariously through you and read adorable kitteh stories.


julie gardner December 29, 2011 20

Oh lucky Nugget. (Even with the cumbersome, delicious last name.)

I’m so jealous of all of you.
My husband is allergic so we are cat-free.

And therefore there’s a little hole in my life where a ball of cat fur should be.

And I would name him Filet o’ Fish. Just because.


charityguy December 30, 2011 21

That is an awesome cat.


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