Baby E photo

My Husband Took Down The Crib

My husband: Are you ready for a flood of emotions?

Me: Um, yes?

My husband: I took down the crib.

… but, but, but, this is the crib we chose, the safest (hardest) mattress, butterflies and dragonflies, lime green and peach, sky blue and bubblegum pink, hand-painted trees and cherry blossoms, tiny hands clutching fingers, shocks of dark hair unwilling to fall out, rocking, rocking, rocking, why are you still crying, bean?, weight loss, weight gain, breastfeeding impatiently, patiently, first smile at 3 a.m. maybe I can survive this no sleep existence, shushing, stomping, singing, babbles greet the afternoon sun, lullaby lyrics stumbled over, peeing pooping what is that?, rolling, sitting, eyelids fluttering, DON’T WAKE THE BABY, soft soft soft, toes and button noses, rotound bellies longing for kisses, more rocking, snot, reflux, croup, baby monitor giggles, I thought you were asleep, slinging, settling, tiptoeing, first mama, first dada, gnawing teething crying screaming, windows watching, board books, partying at 2 a.m., sleeping until 5 p.m., i missed you, boo, pulling up, jumping down, climbing crashing, crawling in with you hoping to sleep a moment longer …

Me: I wasn’t ready.

Scott: I may remember you saying that earlier, but I didn’t remember you saying that when I was taking down the crib.

Me: {sigh} It’s okay.  It was probably time.

Baby E photo
Tiny E
Baby N photo
Tiny N
E in a Sling photo
This is really where he slept.
Baby bean sleeping on the couch photo
And so did she.
Cat in the crib photo
So maybe I should've had a flood of emotions about my cats instead.
Only photo of a kid in the crib
This is only photo of a kid in the crib that I could find, and of course, Loki's in it.

Okay, maybe I’m just missing my babies as babies and my extra storage container although I probably should be commiserating with the cats.

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24 thoughts to “My Husband Took Down The Crib”

      1. I agree with that plan. 😉 All 3 of my kiddos are still in cribs, and I’m trying to squeeze every last drop out of them! I’m not ready for beds. It terrifies me.

        1. Ha. Beds terrified me too but my kids climbed out of their cribs so I had no choice. Just baby gates at the door. (Also, my second hated the crib with such a vengeance that I think she lasted 2 days in it)

  1. Sigh. I totally get it. My daughter turned 10 today. TEN. My son turned 7 yesterday. For some reason, their birthdays sent me into a bubbly mess this year. Maybe it’s the double digits for my girl. Whatever it is, I’ve been looking at baby pictures and our crib, too, was a storage bin. Of course, it’s getting used for my nephew now so it’s not gone completely, but still….

  2. I gave ours away about a year ago. Just put it in the car, drove it to a friend who needed it. And left. Quickly. I’m pretty sure I’ll regret that. Then again, my babies never slept there either. But it was pretty.

    I love your flood of memories! Babyhood is precious (but maybe most so in retrospect?)

  3. I know. I know.

    Re arranged my littlest’s room this weekend. He asked me to.

    Cried as I packed up the last of the Little People in their Airplane. Suitcases and all.

    It was all one huge metaphor.

    1. Our kids are about the same age so it must be the thing to do at this age…

      I was shocked by my own response because I’m not even a baby person and was happy to close shop on another tiny baby and all the glories that go with it. But I just immediately teared up when he told me.

      I’d love to read your post on it. (I’m happy when people leave links but I can wander around to find it.)

  4. ACK! I can’t even think about doing this, and I don’t really like babies. But H has gnawed one whole corner of his crib like some sort of crazed toddler-sized beaver. And that’s the part I’ll miss the most for some reason.

  5. I hated taking down the crib… and getting rid of the baby clothes… and the baby blankets (oh wait, I still have all the baby blankets).
    Now that both of my kids are in school I miss them as babies, but not enough to have another child.
    I still remember your little ones being babies. They just grow up too fast.

  6. We are getting ready to move Buggy to a big bed. Of course the crib will be filled again with a little one in a few months, but for a bit it will be empty and unused. Not sure what my reaction will be to his first night in a real bed. I cried the night we moved his crib out of our room. I have a feeling this go round will be a similar response.

  7. I get this. Hard.

    Partly because taking down the crib means my babies are getting older.

    And partly because taking down the crib means I’m getting older.

    Or rather, got old.

    (My cribs been down for nine years. Crap.)

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