Blue Hair Photo

Another Epilogue: More Popular Than My Blue Hair (Actually It Is More Aquamarine)


Before Blue Hair Photo
Wow. I'm REALLY excited.


During Blue Hair Photo
I can't believe how awesome this photo is.


Blue Hair Photo
It's even more shocking head-on.

And yes, I love it.  My highlights are more aquamarine that I anticipated, but my kids keep shouting: I love your green hair, Mama. In fact, my son’s only complaint is that I left brown on my head.  He is awesome.

And when I’m not turning my hair random colors of embarrassment, I’m blogging elsewhere:

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

Local Fun:

  • WordCamp Richmond: On Saturday November 12th, Richmond is again hosting a day-long conference on WordPress design, development, and content creation. I’m speaking about my favorite WordPress plug-ins in the 11 a.m. Lightening Talks: Plugins We <3. Purchase tickets online. I would LOVE to see you there!

Favorite posts I didn’t read, I mean, write:

  • The crap we put up with getting on and off an airplane: I had trouble choosing just one comic from The Oatmeal (which means you will probably get three more in the coming weeks). (funny)
  • On Parenthood: From Coding Horror, “Your children, they ruin everything in the nicest way.” (insightful)
  • A Female-Dominated Workplace Won’t Fix Everything: On the Harvard Business Blog, there are more American women in the workforce, graduating from college and receiving graduate degrees but will women solve all our workplace problems? (interesting)
  • Occupy DC Learns To Like The Tea Party: On NPR, the Occupy D.C. movement holds lectures.  Harvard Law School’s Lawrence Lessig teaches the protesters that they can take our government back by forging an alliance with the Tea Party grassroots. I love finding common ground! (smart)

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15 thoughts to “Another Epilogue: More Popular Than My Blue Hair (Actually It Is More Aquamarine)”

    1. I am. I’m speaking on the plugins panel at 11 a.m.. I probably won’t be able to stay for the entire thing, but I’ll hang out for as much as I can. Y’all should TOTALLY come.

  1. I bet your hair looks fantastic in the sun. I wonder how the other moms will react. All the parents at our preschool are enjoying my blue velvet hair. I think more people should try it at least once. It certainly smells better then other natural colored hair dyes and you can’t take yourself too seriously!

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