E in ManU Jersey photo

Another Epilogue: More Popular Than School Picture Day

In case you missed it on Facebook, my son took picture day to the next level thanks to his godfather sending the new Manchester United jersey the night before:

E in ManU Jersey photo
I'm hoping he smiled a bit more. And that all the parents don't hate me.

I feel like we’ve improved from last year when he refused to take a school photo until the day AFTER photo day when he agreed to do it in his shirt with the faux tool belt on it. And his sister never took one AT ALL. Yup.

Well, when I’m not ruining class pictures, I’m writing and reading the Internets.

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

Favorite posts I didn’t read, I mean, write:

  • Notes From A Dragon Mom: From the New York Times, one of the best parenting anythings that I have ever read. If you are human, you should read this. (compelling)
  • Pomplamoose: If you are not listening to Pomplamoose, you should be. Warning: That link goes to their YouTube channel so the most recent video will start playing. From there, you will listen to at least 15 more videos before you can possibly get anything else done. (good music)
  • How To Know What To Look For: If you are at a crossroads or are just wondering where to go next, read this post from Penelope Trunk’s blog. Thanks to Taming Insanity for sending it to me.(insightful)
  • I’m Comic Sans, @##hole: On McSweeney’s, hilarious responds to all the hate of comic sans (a font) out there. With cursing. (funny)

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  1. that is one handsome looking boy!
    and tell his daddy that Chicharito may play for Mexico, but he’s a darn good player that even I like him =)

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