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Another Epilogue: More Popular Than A Portable Generator

Where I’ve been when I haven’t been Late Enough.

Um, this was unexpected.
  • Wild weather makes portable generators a hit: My first major news coverage and it’s because I bought a portable generator. {sigh} Michael Hill, a reporter from the Associated Press, interviewed me about buying a portable generator after reading my piece, Oh Nature, How I Hate You. (I take solace in being told with my writing “was funny” even though it wasn’t funny enough to change the entire subject of article to being about it.) I even had a personal photo shoot (see photo above) with AP photographer, Steve Helber and my snugly red generator. The story was everywhere from the HuffPo to MSNBC to major city newspapers across the country. Weird, huh?

Ten Things I’ve Learned From Disney Princesses:  They’ve taken over my house so I might as well learn something. Although I’m pretty sure “carry a shoe in your pocket” isn’t going to get me very far in this life.

Loving The Environment Even If I Hate Being In It: Clean Dishes or Clean Lakes: A new series on about going green: Loving The Environment Even If I Hate Being In It. This week I reviewed the good and the bad of phosphate free dishwasher detergent. And found one brand that actually works!

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