Another Epilogue: More Popular Than Spending Cuts

Well, the debt ceiling has gone from crisis to fixed-ish (in the exact way a commenter predicted).  I’m curious how this powerhouse committee of 12 is going to  go; we may even get some tax-code reform!  (Wait, is that a Republican thing to cheer for — I’m so confused these days.)

In other less dramatic news…

I had to duck out of most of my guest posting obligations this month with everything going on, and This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff is taking a short vacation, but where I have managed to go has been fantastic:

10 Things I Regret Teaching My Children: This is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve written. I don’t have much to add to the title. You should just go read it. And laugh. Or decide that I’m the worst parent ever. Yay!

If you’re more local, I’m participating in the lecture series Beyond Barbie: Piecing Together Today’s Woman. The series begins on Sept. 22 and continues for seven Thursdays from 7-9 p.m.. My night, Life in the First Person: Women’s Stories Uncovered, is Thursday, November 3rd. I’m working with some awesome women like Valley Haggard (creative nonfiction writer), Gigi Amateau (novelist), Denise Bennett (storyteller), Tarfia Faizullah (poet), Julie Geen (freelance writer), and Shelia Gray, (performance artist). I’m the token blogger! Tickets are $10 for one night or $50 for the entire series. Read more about it on Susan Singer’s site. Or just go buy your ticket!

I also was sent some hilariousness:

Thank you for supporting the people who support me. It’s like socialism!

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