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Twitter? I Am Leaving You Right After This Tweet.

Twitter hurt my feelings.


And I have finally had enough.

It wasn’t anything big — a random unfollow. But after reading, Ten Mindful Ways to Use Social Media and over-thinking #10, enjoy social media!, I realized that Twitter isn’t fun for me.

On good days, it’s full of rainbows and high fives. But on bad-unfollow-no-response-no-retweet-no-time-nothing-funny days? It’s the suck.

Twitter is so NEEDY. It’s a constant barges of words and links and cliques and feelings. It like going to high school with 1800 people and their friends. Words thrown out and retracted. People are followed and unfollowed. Secret lists and parties and messages and etiquette that no one can explain but seems SO IMPORTANT.

I joined Twitter to find people who talked progressive politics. It was fantastic. But in the last year, I’ve overlapped Twitter and my blog. And now EVERYTHING feels like political rally.

Vote for Me On Twitter
I running for Funny/Poignant/Interesting/Friendly/Annoying Tweeter of the Year!

I’m too sensitive in all the wrong ways for Twitter. I rarely unfollow people because I’m not easily offended or surprised by others. But fellow tweeters seems to unfollow for crazy reasons that I waste way too much time trying to figure out. And if I’m going to be unfollowed, I want to piss people off in 400 words not 140 characters.

I know that shouldn’t care. But even when TWITTER INCIDENT bothers me for only an hour or a day, it’s longer than the retweets and shout outs make me happy. At least right now.

Maybe I’m not cut out for tweeting. I’m methodical and uncool. I don’t watch much television, cook well or care about Starbucks. If it takes me a minimum of 2.5 hours to write, edit and publish a post, how can I ever JUST TWEET. Plus, the Library of Congress is archiving every single one. I’m not okay with being cataloged under Spelling Errors.

Of course, I research EVERYTHING. Do you know what the Twitter gurus say? I’m supposed to tweet 10 to 1 other people’s links to mine. Except I NEVER EVER tweet something that I haven’t read. So I’m supposed to read 10-20 articles that I think my followers would enjoy reading so I can tweet my post. EVERYDAY.

When am I supposed to live my life?

When do am I supposed to write? Read? Hug? Sleep? Be on Facebook?

So I’ve decided that Twitter is probably trying to kill me. Or at least destroy my few in real life relationships and my tenuous hold on reality.

I don’t even like my Twitter name.

Of course, I do love the 2-20 people who I’ve met through Twitter. I don’t regret my time spent reading and replying. Or the one tweet that got retweeted 90 times and favorited by 62 people.

But maybe I need to reconsider why I’m there.

Right after I tweet this post.

PS. If you need me, I’ll still be here at and
And on
You can also email me directly to say hi.
Or comment on my posts.
Look, I’m NOT closing my Twitter account; I’m just trying to prove that my stress is all Twitter’s fault. Because it IS. Also, if I’m back on Twitter tomorrow, feel free to shut-up now.

Alex Iwashyna

Alex Iwashyna went from a B.A. in philosophy to an M.D. to a SAHM, poet and writer by 30. She spends most of her writing time on, a humor blog (except when it's serious) about her husband fighting zombies, awkward attempts at friendship, and dancing like everyone is watching. She also has a soft spot for culture, politics, and rude Southern people who offend her Yankee sensibilities. She parents 2 elementary-aged children, 1 foster baby, 3 cats, and 1 puppy, who are all Southern but not rude. Yet.

43 thoughts to “Twitter? I Am Leaving You Right After This Tweet.”

  1. Omg you are completely right about it being like high school in many ways. You know what I did was create a private list of people I actually enjoy hearing from and I really only keep up with that list, not all the people I follow. Also I have no idea who or how many people follow me and I don’t care.

  2. Yeah, dude. I am feeling all kinds of ambivalent about Twitter lately. Kind of want to delete it, except then someone will post something that I actually care about and I’ll be all, oh, maybe not today. Or else I will be at home alone all day and just need to say something to someone, even if it is just going into the void of the internet somewhere.

    I recently deleted a lot of people from my main feed, especially businesses and public profiles that I could put into lists. I will probably cull a few more soon. But really, I don’t want to be on Twitter all the time and all I ever see when I log in are walls of 100+ new tweets — hard to have any kind of meaningful exchange with all that noise.

    1. That is exactly what happens to me. Like the mindful social media article? Twitter!
      Maybe I need to just whittle down my lists? I just don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings by unfollowing them. Argh! (or anger the pirates. Haha)

  3. Well, although I haven’t “quit it ” yet, I really get what you are saying, I feel lost on Twitter and sometimes like the kid that doesn’t get picked for kickball in elementary school! I have “tweeted” at times and closed my eyes when hitting send, like I was scared of what may happen… kind of crazy !
    I have decided to use it mostly as a place to share kid friendly events but more than that ,not for me.
    I too, have had feelings hurt when I see an unfollow, but.. I never knew who it was.. oh well. ultimately , it is not our loss!
    I will miss you on Twitter , but will still look forward to your emails !

    1. Well, I won’t tell you what twitter tools allow you to know who unfollowed you.
      I think that a focus would really help me. I just need to decide to do that. It’s not in my nature to focus. My blog is a pretty clear indication of that.

    1. Isn’t the guilt strange? I’m impressed you take days off bevause it cones across as you being on there a lot (not in a bad way. In a ‘how does she do it?’ way. Maybe my perspective really is way off.

      1. You know, I get that a lot. I think I just APPEAR engaged. I have no idea what happened on Twitter yesterday – I think I responded to an @ or two but I wasn’t watching the stream at all. Maybe the responses make me look like I’m around but really I’m shirking my duties.

  4. I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience. I hope you reconsider because you are one of the few peopel I truly enjoy tweeting with.

    I can relate somewhat. I had bad experiences with myspace and facebook. Twitter and my blog are the only outlets I have currently.

    Twitter has been 100 percent positive for me. I keep up with news and sports with twitter. I also have connected with a community of bloggers like YOU through twitter. It has been 100 percent positive.

    I’ll still follow/stalk your blog. Hope you do the same.

    1. That’s interesting because I feel nearly 100% positive about Facebook. Which is why I’m thinking of hiding out there.
      Of course I’ll still visit your blog. I may even have MORE reading time!

      And thanks.

  5. I am in the dark ages – I have yet to understand what twitter is and what it does. I’m scared to sign up for fear of having another log-in and password somewhere that gets me nowhere!
    But if people do/say/unfollow and it makes you upset – even if you should or shouldn’t feel that way – then it probably is best to step back. It’s like unfriending Debby Downer on Facebook. It’s not that I don’t appreciate our friendship or the times we shared in middle school – if I read another one of your posts about how your drug addicted, sex offender boyfriend doesn’t respect you or your relationship – I might have to kill someone. Defriend!

  6. Yes yes yes. Twitter is now just another thing that I feel guilty I’m not doing enough with. and in reality, it’s just another thing keeping me from doing work of real value. Ooh that’s good! Off to tweet that. (You see what I mean?)

    1. This is exactly right: keeps me from doing the work of real value — at least what *I* value. I want to write. Not tweet.
      And yes, I’ve already tweeted something today. Haha. Oops.

  7. You should get a new phone without a Twitter client installed and have your workplace block all methods of using Twitter except the Twitter website which is pretty useless.

    And not have a laptop at home. And put your desktop in a closet.

    I only suggest these things so you can be more like me – wait, no, you don’t want that either.

    I got nothing.

  8. Take a moment with this thought. Instead of trying to run an industrial Twitter account, be a boutique. Instead of grinding out tweet after tweet of marginal quality or insight, fire off the occasional tweet. A sniper shot rather than machine gun barrage if you will. Be mysterious. Make readers ache for your next tweet.

  9. My enjoyment of Twitter ebbs and flows. When I think about it, it’s like parenting, there are good days and bad days. Twitter has been the catalyst for a lot of good in my life. But I tend not to fall prey to the online politics. I just ignore and search out what matters to me. I think it’s just like my mother always says: Everything is good in moderation.

  10. –>I never auto follow which i think is why my numbers are “low” compared to others. I want to follow real people and not Spammers/businesses. I find that every few days I take a break from Twitter and then realize I miss it. Or at the very least, some people on it.

  11. I follow people I enjoy and I enjoy you, so I would be sad to see you go. I say this not to add to your Pot of Feelings, but to let you know that you’d be missed.

    As for my own Twitter whatnot, I love it. I try to keep my “following” intentional and not for the growing of numbers/readers sake and I will block a spammer like it’s my job. I want it to feel like my community in real life.

  12. I have to agree – it IS such a time suck. And I don’t do any kind of follow me campaigns so my follower count has been slow going. I think I need a better strategy than to not be on Twitter and hope people will magically find me and want to follow me. Oh right, being funny helps too, which you at least have on your side. For what it’s worth, I enjoy your tweets 🙂

  13. You have said just about everything I’ve felt about Twitter this weekend alone! How am I supposed to act? What should I say or not say? Why did they unfollow me? Am I that freaking boring? I got on to the Twitter for news, and now it’s morphed into something completely different. Granted– I love reading other blogs, and that’s how I found this post, of course.

    I need to figure out what I really want from it, and stick to that plan.

  14. Twitter hurts my feelings, too. I rarely pay attention to unfollows, but when someone I ‘chat’ with, promote & get to know dumps me… Damn, I can’t let it go! Stupid, I know! And too sensitive – yes.

    However, I would never have found some of my favourite bloggers – YOU – without Twitter. And for that I love it.

    You are in my Reader, so I’ll continue to be updated when you blog. But I expect I’ll see you tweeting again soon. It is addictive. One can’t stay away!

  15. I am a complete social fail. I think I am pretty funny, but each time a send out a tweet I get nothing. And I always want to quit. Nothing says fail like posting a video or a picture and getting no views. But then something like last night happens and all these people come together and u feel like a part of something bigger.
    The times it makes me sad, I just leave for a day or so and come back. Nobody really even misses me, but I like the people I follow and they make me smile, so I miss them. I like your tweets, hope you stuck around.

  16. Maybe I’m missing something I should have because I don’t get my feelings hurt on Twitter. If people RT, I’m happy. If they don’t, I guess that’s ok too. If someone said something nasty about me, I’d just stop following them or block them. I’m sorry that it’s not fun for you 🙁

  17. Truth time: I have one reason and one reason alone to visit my Twitter account every single day.

    Donnie Wahlberg.

    The rest is just white noise. 🙂

  18. You know that feeling when you’re at a party and say something think is funny/smart/interesting and nobody hears you, or if they do hear you, they don’t respond? That’s how I feel in Twitter.

  19. After being on twitter for just a few months I agree with many of the comments that my time there ebbs and flows. I find that I enjoy twitter the most in combination with major events (The Oscars, lead-ups to major presidential announcements, the Super Bowl). The live tweet thing is pretty funny, especially with some of the people I follow. I don’t have a lot of followers but I do like to follow certain people (ahem…ahem…) so for me it’s a more passive form of social media than FB. I do think balance is important. Follow your bliss!

  20. After reading this, I have come to believe that I have no idea how to use twitter. I am never aware of people unfollowing me (even though I know my follower number goes up and down) and I have no idea of how to tell if people have favorited a tweet of mine. Is there actually a way to know who your unfollowers are? Because now I want to know how! But maybe I don’t. Ignorance is bliss.

    Also? I don’t tweet other people’s stuff nearly as much as my own. Oops.

  21. I never understood Twitter. I have always thought it was overrated, however it is all I can do to keep up with my email, Facebook and other internet stuff, so Twitter would just be another thing I would have to keep up with. Just don’t go away on Facebook because I would have to start stalking you in person. 😉

  22. I know *exactly* what you mean. Except I can have a Twitter high last for quite a while. But the lows suck. Plus, I’m just far too lazy to be good at keeping up with people so I’m constantly worried *I’m* the cause of other people’s Twitter low.

    It’s quite an emotional roller coaster, that minute social media.

  23. I drop out of twitter for a few days and then come back. If I don’t come up for air every now and then, I start to drown.

    Half of twitter is people too cool to be my friend. I follow them and reply or mention them, but like the kids in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, I’m not seen or heard. The other half is me soaking up as much in current science as possible and attempting–rather futilely–to get my science blog read.

    You’ve got to be the non-science person I interact with the most and get the most happiness from. So you can leave twitter, but I’m one person who will miss you. Of course, you could always find me on Facebook. 😉

  24. I know people unfollow me but I don’t know who, because I don’t go looking for them. I was never popular in high school so I guess I’m not that concerned about it. Sometimes I feel unpopular because I don’t get @ replies or retweets, but that’s not really my purpose for being on Twitter. I use it for following people in my professional field and then a few fun people like you.

    I’m happy that I found you because of Twitter. You’re funny and zany and really outside most of my reality, so totally different than everyone else I follow. Do what makes you happy. There’s no reason to stress over us! 🙂

  25. This is exactly why I don’t tweet anymore! It was an eater of my time but more then that I’m too uber-sensitive for it. I’ve also been known to over think twitter law. I think there’s a list of twitter laws out there somewhere anyway. I’m more then sure I’ve broken more then a few. I do miss alot of the people that I followed on there but I do not miss the cattyness that sometimes comes with twitter too. I just need to go back and delete my account. I should be doing that any day now.

  26. for the record…in the past couple weeks, I have found that twitter just unfollowed about 20 people FOR me without me actually doing the unfollowing and, of course, knowing some of my friends (um…you) FREAK the freak out when you get unfollowed, I freaked the freak out and started checking to make sure I was following all the people that were following me that I wanted to be following.

    Did you get that?


    Clearly I waste too much time worrying about twitter too.

  27. I’ve never understood Twitter that well. I very rarely check it, and I don’t tweet that often either. I guess maybe it sucks you in, but I’m so lazy and apathetic that my only issue with it is feeling left out because I don’t participate!

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