Why Not Giving Obama Any Credit For Finding Osama bin Ladin Is A Ridiculous Facebook Status

Honestly, I wasn’t going to write about Osama bin Ladin. I already got into one Facebook discussion about it. And by “discussion,” I mean people using words like CRONIES and PHOTOSHOP to get their point across.

But I can’t seem to leave well enough alone. Mostly because I am mystified by the versions of this status (and tweet and comment) that I’ve seen over and over again: “Obama did nothing. The Seals deserve all the credit.”

Now, I’m not saying that the Seals don’t deserve credit, but this was FOUR YEARS of intel. If we are going to get technical about who deserves cheers, what about the people who found out where Osama bin Ladin lived? Or who followed his courier without getting caught? Or do people think this Seal team was just sitting around and thought: Let’s hit that house today! Whoa! Osama bin Ladin’s in there!

Those IN DEFENSE OF THE NAVY SEALS comments look a lot like sound bytes to me. Especially when most of those people are also attacking those who are thanking the president.  It then seems to be more about disagreeing with President Obama’s domestic policies than being so worried that the Seal aren’t getting enough credit.

Why can’t I thank one of the many people who participated in operation bin Ladin? Why is one gratitude better than the other?  Is credit and admiration a pie? There’s only so many pieces, and, if we acknowledge too many people, it doesn’t count? OH NO! I ran out of proud pie! We have ignore-you carrots and crow, will that do? Is putting our life on the line more heroic than using our brains to plan it?  Do they cancel each other out?

I cannot even fathom how many people worked hard on this operation. Including our president. President Obama is the one who green-lighted the operation even though they were only 80% sure bin Ladin was in the compound that night. He took the chance. A big chance because what if things had gone wrong? What if the Seals been hurt? Or caught? Or Pakistan retaliated?

But President Obama can’t get credit for making the right call?

And yes, the men in that unit put their lives on the line for our country and our peace of mind. And I am grateful.

But I am also grateful to a president who had the patience to wait until we were sure but had the foresight to know that we’d never be 100% sure.

I’m proud of ALL of the people involved.

Aren’t you?


PS. I’ll try to keep a tally on how many Facebook friends I lose over this post. My husband says it’ll be fun. Probably because he refuses to repost this piece on his own wall.

Alex Iwashyna

Alex Iwashyna went from a B.A. in philosophy to an M.D. to a SAHM, poet and writer by 30. She spends most of her writing time on LateEnough.com, a humor blog (except when it's serious) about her husband fighting zombies, awkward attempts at friendship, and dancing like everyone is watching. She also has a soft spot for culture, politics, and rude Southern people who offend her Yankee sensibilities. She parents 2 elementary-aged children, 1 foster baby, 3 cats, and 1 puppy, who are all Southern but not rude. Yet.

49 thoughts to “Why Not Giving Obama Any Credit For Finding Osama bin Ladin Is A Ridiculous Facebook Status”

  1. People are always quick to blur the lines when it suits their argument.
    Yes, I can be opposed to the war and still support the troops.
    Yes, I’m relieved that Osama was found, but a death is still a death.
    Yes, I understand that people celebrated, but cheerleaders outside the White House?
    Yes, I get that the guy you wanted in office didn’t get there, but do we have to screw over the one that did, for four years, at the cost of the good of the US you claim to honor and love …
    ok, should stop now, clearly need more sleep and maybe tomorrow it will just be you and me that are Facebook friends 😉

    1. The SEALS did a great job. And it was a job selected by Obama. He had 3 choices: 1. Not go in 2. Bomb the building, likely not being able to prove if OBL was in there or not 3. A surgical strike with a handful of military people. He chose the last one and it was successful. No innocent civilians killed, no U.S. military killed. OBL taken down. For that, he deserves major credit.

  2. you were right…I love this post.

    people who think they even have the information to give “credit” to anyone or not, are ridiculous. Or to say Obama had NOTHING to do with it is just ignorant.

    Also? Pride pie and ignore-you carrots? I am dying.

    See? This. This is why I love you.

  3. As always, brilliant. And my friend emailed me that visual the other day and I love it so much I can’t even handle it. SO. MUCH. And I do love how just use of the word cronies speaks to a person’s argument!

    Ugh, this is just a reminder of why I don’t read Facebook, because I think I would probably get super annoyed if I read any of those. I mean, Kennedy was certainly who was blamed for Bay of Pigs, not the soldiers who carried it out – Obama was definitely on the line for this.

  4. If people defriend you because of your political views, I don’t think you want them to be friends with you. That’s the whole point of America and our Democracy – we celebrate the fact that we don’t see eye to eye but still call USA home.

    1. True dat! I’m not an Obama fan, but I wouldn’t say he wasn’t responsible for bin Laden. That’s just…ignorant. But even if I did think that, I wouldn’t unfriend someone because they disagreed with me on something that, quite frankly, does not define either of us. I’m still your friend, yo.

  5. Great post! I think that you had the courage to say what a lot of people were thinking!
    And I fully agree… there are a lot of people who deserve credit.

  6. Love it. I got into a similar “discussion” about how people were calling the seals “cheesy assassins and now they are congratulating them. I said, does that matter?

    And the.people who don’t believe he’s really dead and that instead of following Muslim burial law we should have paraded him around. My response to that one? That’s what terrorists do.
    I think when people say such assinine things they dishonor the sacrifices.made to get here.

    And the one that kills me most? That Obama was on the golf course when it was happening! Hahaha.

    “sound bytes” is what I would call them too. And rhetoric. I hate that people can’t think for themselves. Sorry to get carried away, but I have been thinking this for the.last 3 days. So glad you said it!

  7. Awesome, awesome, awesome post! Too much awesomeness to quote.

    “Is putting our life on the line more heroic than using our brains to plan it?”

    “I cannot even fathom how many people worked hard on this operation. Including our president.”

    “But I am also grateful to a president who had the patience to wait until we were sure but had the foresight to know that we’d never be 100% sure.”

    Oh, look… I quoted the awesomeness anyway.

  8. That picture is killing me – love it!!

    A whole lot of brave people deserve our thanks and praise, dare i say it, the previous administration included. I applaud President Obama and his decision. I can’t fathom the enormity of it, but now it’s time to move it along. Close the book, and place the focus back on the here and now.

  9. Well said. Well said. Everyone deserve credit, and it’s naive to think that the Navy Seals or Special Ops were the only ones involved, right down to the admin in the White House deserves credits, applaud, kudos’ and a big ass Thank you – because hopefully they dismantled a terriorist organization but also because they once again put their lives on the line for our great Country!

  10. Bravo, my dear. I had someone go so far as to say that Obama was getting TOO MUCH credit, that he deserved NONE AT ALL, and that we’d all be fools if we let this sway our decision on who to vote for in 2012.

    I think every single person who worked tirelessly to catch Bin Laden deserves a pat on the back. And the President, the leader of our country, deserves one, too. After all, if he hadn’t given the green light to go ahead with the mission, there never would’ve been any Navy Seals there that night anyway.

    While I agree that the Seals deserve our congratulations and admiration, I don’t think the men and women in Washington, whether Republican or Democrat, should be left out of our praise.

  11. But what about all the good things George Bush did?
    10 years. Trillions of dollars. Thousands of soldiers dead. State of the art technology. Finally found Bin Laden. In his house. Tricky
    Us Right wing, disgruntled, gun toting, patriotic,commie hating, homophobic, hate filled racist types are real proud of the guts it took for President (sort of) Obama to cowboy up and go Mooslum Huntin’.

    Could you get me some more of that tasty pie there Sweetheart?

  12. You definitely won’t lose me as a follower of your blog. My son wrote a post about this same thing today. I commend you both. I wouldn’t even want that decision to rest on my shoulders to make the call. But that is why he is the leader of our country. There are way too many haters in the world. Ok, getting off my soapbox

  13. You’re awesome for writing about this. All good points. I love the picture. Did you photoshop that? 🙂

    I only saw one comment like that on my Facebook. It said something like, she wasn’t going to thank anyone. She was just glad he was dead. Didn’t make any sense to me, since I’m pretty sure she is an Obama supporter. I guess she was just trying to be politically correct. I don’t think anyone is going to be able to keep from pissing someone off on Facebook if they mention bin Laden. I am with Scott, it’s always fun to try.

  14. Right on Alex ; on every point. The fact is that if John McCain was in office (or any other republican for that matter), they’d be lining up to blow him right now. I’m definitely proud of the president, the Seals, and the entire intelligence community on this one. What’s appalling is the ignorance and ingratitude displayed by too many Americans based solely on their political leanings. It’s actually somewhat embarrassing!

  15. Right on Alex ; on every point. The fact is that if John McCain was in office (or any other republican for that matter), they’d be lining up to blow him right now. I’m definitely proud of the president, the Seals, and the entire intelligence community on this one. What’s appalling is the ignorance and ingratitude displayed by too many solely based on their political leanings – It’s actually embarrassing!

    1. I find it odd that all those college age voters were celebrating at the White House as soon as OBL’s death was announced. hmmmmm?

  16. Good article! I may not agree with everything that Obama does. Who completely agrees with everything any leader does. I am glad that he kept the search going and gave the green light.

    I like the fact that Bush congratulated Obama on this victory. I think people need to keep their guard up still.

  17. Oh my gosh. Are you serious?! This was a post on your wall?! I am baffled. I hate that people are so quick to blame others and find who’s at fault as well as quick to find just one person to thank. It was a group effort, and that includes the president! One specific interview I saw about how this went down the person they had as their expert said that Obama’s decision to do an operation such as what they did was much riskier than just getting a bomber to bomb the whole compound. It was OBAMA that had to choose this particular op and give the command. OBAMA. COME ON PEOPLE! Who freaking cares what party you are! Do we as a group have to be so lame as to not be supportive just because he’s a different party? And if you lose facebook “friends” over this then they are not your real friends in the first place. I’d much rather have a friend over a “friend” any day. Mean people suck.

  18. I read your blog and to me it isn’t offensive. I know for some it will be. I posted this article yesterday on my FB page. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13287977
    Sarah Palin has already publicly thanked GW Bush and not Obama for Osama’s capture and death. Which is rather hysterical because he didn’t do anything. I also looked up what McCain said during his campaign and it seems he stated that he would never go into Pakistan without the government’s support. So, if McCain and Palin had been elected then Osama bin Laden would still be alive and well. Everyone who worked behind the scenes on this mission deserves credit. We are so incredibly lucky that no one on this mission was killed. And if you haven’t seen the picture of our president and staff watching the actual mission play out then by all means check it out. The picture shows you in the people’s faces just how scary and gruesome it was. I am sure none of them will wiped those images out of their heads anytime soon.

  19. I also believe everyone involved deserves some credit.
    People who make statements like those above simply can’t see past their own political lines. The death of Osama Bin Laden transcends politics.
    The cheers and celebrations over a man’s death make me uneasy, but I also believe in giving credit where credit is due.

  20. I find it interesting that no one has a problem pinning the responsibility of 9-11 on Bin Laden, even though he wasn’t the one to fly the planes, but instead organize and initiate that operation. Yet, people have a problem giving Obama responsibility for the take down of Bin Laden just because he wasn’t the one to fire the shot? I agree… everyone involved should get credit. It was a group effort and Obama cannot be excluded from that.

  21. I, for one, totally agree with you. I am so grateful for the military men and woman who risk life and limb to keep our country safe from all threats. I am also grateful for a President who is able to multi-task! I have no idea how any one person can have their mind in so many places at the same time and effect such a positive status.

    Thanks to both the wonderful men and women of our armed forces and President Obama for developing, implementing and caring out this successful attack.

  22. Thanks for bringing the issue to light. I’m sure most of us have no idea the sheer numbers of people who risked their lives for this mission and all should be commended.

  23. I am with you right here. I never thought of myself as a person who would only surround myself with people who agreed with me, but some of the posts I’ve seen on FB from friends have been very disconcerting.

  24. I love this post so much. I agree with everything you have written hear. Which makes me feel really crappy that I won’t share it on Facebook. Probably for the same reasons your husband won’t. I don’t mind sharing my opinion or people knowing how I feel. Not at all. But after an entire week of this, I’m just tired. I’m tired of HAVING to defend my opinion. I’m tired of people just not ignoring what they don’t agree with (like I do 95% of the time). I’m tired of the back and the forth and the “you sucks” and the “you’re stupids” and I’m tired of the fact that we can’t just take pride in what we accomplished as a country because we are so busy trying to find fault with the other side (fyi, I don’t mean what you’ve written here).

  25. While I can not stand President Obama for just about every decision he has ever made, I do completely and totally appreciate his involvement in this.
    Honestly, as a major conservative, I will say, I know LOTS of other conservatives who feel the same way. The polls actually show that Obama’s rating with Republicans rose after the death of bin Laden.

    (Rasmussen: Eighty-six percent (86%) of Democrats now give the president good or excellent marks on national security, as do 53% of voters not affiliated with either major political party. Only 23% of Republican voters give the president positive marks for his job performance in this area, but that’s up from 11% last week. )

    I will also add, it’s not something that will ever make me vote for the man, but it is something to make me respect him for finally.

  26. I say we give credit where credit is due:

    The CIA, who decided to use certain…techniques to obtain information about Al Qaida couriers over four years ago.

    President George W. Bush for making it clear that we were going after the bastard.

    The CIA, FBI and the military for working together to share intelligence which led closer to finding the bastard.

    President Barack H. Obama, who chose to tell the CIA under his administration that finding Usama bin Ladin was top priority.

    The CIA and the military, again, who worked together to find the bastard.

    And President Obama, again, who said “If you’re sure that’s him, go in and get him!”

    AND, our Navy Seals, who did the dirty work.

    There’s a lot of credit to be shared. The American people should be proud. I know I am.

  27. I actually unfriended folks who made such ridiculous comments about how the President didn’t do anything. I thought that it was so hateful that I just couldn’t stomach it. Glad I saw this post even though it is an older one 🙂

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