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I Ask: What Is Your Best April Fools’ Day Prank? - Just a warning that on April Fool's Day my natural distrust of others will be ratcheted up to a level bordering on psychosis

My April Fools’ Day pranks have always been boring:

  • Cellophane on the toilet
  • Switch the salt and sugar
  • Randomly lie and then laugh at the person for being so “gullible”

I have no BIG pranks. At least not for April Fools’ Day. Now, randomly mooning people when they least expect it? I AM A LEGEND.

My sister once left her camera at my house. I still have a copy of the photograph of “Hi Katie” written on SOMEONE’S butt.

I just don’t think that my family will appreciate a good mooning since that’s pretty much 50% of our family’s natural state.

Then I remembered that my high school’s senior classes were notorious for great pranks. The two best ones over the years:

  • Assembling a car in the middle of the school
  • Putting every single cafeteria chair on the roof of the school

But I just don’t think that I could get our chairs on the roof today. It’s been raining and I’m allergic to heavy lifting.

Maybe I should wake up early, make coffee for Scott and be nice to everyone ALL DAY LONG.

Nah, I don’t want to give my family a heart attack. Or confuse my husband for April Sleep-Late/Cranky Day. Which I’m pretty sure is for the rest of the month.

So I ask: What’s you best April Fools’ Day prank?

Alex Iwashyna

Alex Iwashyna went from a B.A. in philosophy to an M.D. to a SAHM, poet and writer by 30. She spends most of her writing time on, a humor blog (except when it's serious) about her husband fighting zombies, awkward attempts at friendship, and dancing like everyone is watching. She also has a soft spot for culture, politics, and rude Southern people who offend her Yankee sensibilities. She parents 2 elementary-aged children, 1 foster baby, 3 cats, and 1 puppy, who are all Southern but not rude. Yet.

23 thoughts to “I Ask: What Is Your Best April Fools’ Day Prank?”

  1. I’ve got nothing.

    In fact, I’ve never even pulled off a Cellophane on the toilet trick. I feel slightly tempted to try that now (gotta make up for lost time) but then, I realize that once the trick is over….I’d probably be the one cleaning it up! So, I’ll probably keep slacking this year.

  2. I taped my old (positive) pregnancy test…okay, tangent here, but what kind of freak saves her old positive pregnancy test? I am a moron.

    Anyways. I taped my old (positive) pregnancy test to the bathroom mirror and wrote, in lipstick, “Hi, Daddy!” and drew an arrow to the test.

    My husband woke up in the morning, went into the bathroom to pee, and didn’t even notice it. I was crushed.

  3. My brother put a rubberband around the handle of the sprayer on the kitchen sink so the first person to turn it on got an impromptu shower. It was pretty hilarious since every year we forgot that it was going to happen.

    As a teacher, I always pranked my classroom (4th graders) with some poem that a high schooler would have trouble deciphering and gave them a pop-test. They freaked. Just before the tears flowed and ulcers bled I would “April Fools” and we’d then proceed to write and share jokes for the remainder of Language Arts. They loved that, as did I. But I doubt your family would fall for that one.

  4. I managed a Radio Shack for a while. April 1st was scheduled for our quarterly inventory. Forging the corporate heading, I faxed the CANCELLATION of the inventory to the dozen or so stores in town
    (Yeah, Vegas)
    At the end of the message I plainly announced it as a prank. Most stores got a good chuckle. A couple of managers rejoiced and cancelled their inventory.

  5. No wait..another one.
    Mr Wilson was our eight grade history teacher. We watched a lot of movies but we were graded for the notes we took while watching (no sleeping). He showed us one movie and I leaned back and enjoyed watching it. Any student who took notes was given an F.

    The movie explained how they harvested the spaghetti crop in Switzerland.

  6. I consider myself a very creative person. But when it comes to pranks….I suck.

    Probably because I’m such a bad liar.

    I might as well tattoo “I’m Going To Prank You Now” on my forehead. They always know it’s coming.

  7. Dont’t try to claim the mooning legend title. Do you not remember the great moon of ’98 when I popped out of the storage room while you were running down the basement stairs?? I believe that was the best moon of all time.

  8. Um, well, I’ve been involved in two epic ones, neither of which I’m proud of because they went a little too far and people got really mad. The first was in high school when we thought it would be funny (why?) to pretend I’d been in a car accident and couldn’t drive everyone home. Clearly that was a bad idea. Second was a few years ago. A little back story is needed. My DH and I started dating when I was 19. After a year and a half, I moved to go to college and broke up with him. Seven years later, some friends were STILL trying to convince us to get back together. We’d had it. So we decided to fake date for a couple of months and then “elope” the weekend of April Fool’s. Then we told them all it was a joke. Some knew it; some were NOT happy. Ultimately, the joke was on us; a year later we really did get back together. And now we’re married with two kids.

  9. I’m not so good at pulling off pranks. I have no poker face. My husband, however will always do stuff that WOULD BE awesome if it were true… like telling me he got a raise, or won $500 on a scratch lottery ticket. I end up inevitably crushed.

  10. I am terrible TERRIBLE! at pranks, hence my post today. So I avoid them altogether.

    My friend, however, told me that she’s gonna tell her middle schoolers that the school board voted to extend the school year to a year round schedule, starting in June.


    I love it.

  11. I’ve done the “I’m pregnant!” thing a few times. Sad that I have no originality.

    I also did the “we eloped!” the year Chad and I were planning our wedding. Our date was actually May 10 and by the time April rolled around, I was ready to actually skip the whole thing.

    Other than that…nothing. I’m just not very good at thinking up pranks. I do think I’m going to make “grilled cheese” for the kids tonight out of angel food cake slices and yellow colored frosting. And maybe a scoop of “mashed potatoes” made out of ice cream. Not sure if I’ll be able to fool them, though.

  12. I’ve only had one successful prank and I’m probably overly proud of it. When I studied abroad in college, I was going on a trip on April 1, so the day before, I changed my entire facebook profile to announce a fake engagement to a fake guy (bonus- this made it more believable as the date was not April 1). I pretended that I had met him when visiting a friend in Ireland, and he had come to visit and proposed to me under the Eiffel Tower. I changed my profile picture to one of me under the tower at night with champagne. I put an Irish wedding blessing under my Quotes, and I changed my About Me to how much I loved my guy and the date of our engagement. I also posted a note asking for advice on whether I should change my last name when I got married (I gave him an Irish name, but not one so stereotypical as to be obviously fake). I only clued in my closest friends, so they wouldn’t freak out and reveal the prank; they played along and wrote congrats on my wall. It worked way better than I expected, and a ton of people wrote on my wall to tell me how happy they were for me and give me wedding advice! I even felt a little guilty afterward. I saved everything in a Word document for posterity. haha.

    If you wanna freak out your kids (and they’re gullible like I was)- one year my dad told me my toothbrush had fallen in the toilet and he put it back and forgot to clean it. I actually believed him and totally freaked out!

  13. A former coworker and I were going to execute the following prank this AFD, but alas I am no longer working there.

    1. Find coworker or boss who is extremely and unnaturally attached to his overpriced, german sportscar such that it is a surrogate child.
    2. Call coworker’s wife and ask her to stop by with the other set of keys.
    3. Wife moves car to other parking lot on the other side of office complex and quietly disappears.

  14. my dad and I prank eachother every year, usually over the phone. it’s simple really and just involves convincing one of us something ridiculous. I once called crying that I was in a car crash (that was cruel). he once called me super early (I am not a morning person) claiming that he was right outside my door for a visits that I’d apparently forgotten about. of course he wasn’t. this year? he called me and I picked up with, “you’re not calling to prank me are you?” he said, “dammit!” mwaahaaahaaa! I’ll get him later.

  15. I’ve never been very good at April fools pranks- I’m too lazy I suppose. Once in high school, we got into our teachers car, and pushed it (it was a small lemans), all the way to the curb and covered it with ‘For Sale’ signs. That was a fun one….

  16. Honestly? I kinda hate pranks. Especially the “I have bad news NO I FAKED YOU OUT, it’s actually good news!” ones. I once short-sheeted my sister’s bed when we were kids. Yeah, I know, really original.

  17. I know I’m late to this but best prank ever:

    Shortly after our third (and final) kid was born, my husband went and took care of business to make sure it was our last. He was supposed to go back and get checked to make sure everything was successful but of course he never did. So April 1, after kids were in bed and we sank onto the couch in our normal exhausted way and said, “Honey, I’m pregnant.” You should’ve seen the color drain from his face. I played it up really well by accusing him saying that it was all his fault for not getting checked. Poor guy, I had to say April Fools in short order for fear of heart failure.

  18. One time I cellophaned my daughter to her bed while she was asleep. (She’s a heavy sleeper and of course I did not cover her head so she could breath). Another time I fixed my kids breakfast (Scrambeled eggs, toast, cereal and o.j.)Only I fixed the breakfast the night before and then put it in the freezer over night except for the o.j. On April Fools morning I called my kids down for breakfast and had everything set-up and handed them their fresh o.j. It was hilarious…the fork was frozen in the scrambled eggs and the spoon was frozen in the cereal (I sprinkled fresh flakes of cereal on top of the bowl so you couldn’t tell it was frozen). They were still half asleep and had no idea what was going on.

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