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UPDATED: I Ask: Is This A Weed?


As I mentioned on Tuesday, I’m going to start interspering Ask Alex into I Ask days. I‘ve loved the questions so far, but I wanted to ask y’all a very important question first (and make an Ask Alex button because I’m a dork) so next Friday will be the inaguaral day! Submit your questions by clicking Ask Alex.

Is this a weed?

Or is this just the hardiest plant ever?

I asked the resident gardening experts @In_Mandyland and @TheNextMartha (and by resident I mean live on the Internet and by expert I mean once mentioned gardening in my Twitter stream).  I got vague references to oregano and a whole lot of GOOD LUCK.

Oh, and some help on what I should tell you so you can give me the FINAL ANSWER:

  1. I used 3 out 5 of these pots for herbs over the last few years but I don’t remember which pots have what.
  2. I have grown oregano before.
  3. It doesn’t smell like anything.
  4. It like long walks on the beach and singing show tunes.
  5. It’s currently blooming small white flowers.
  6. I live in zone 7A.
  7. My new favorite word is fantastic.
  8. I have issues with killing plants.

So I ask: Is this a weed?

<em>Okay so I took the advice of the majority (because my blog is like the best democracy in the world) and pulled the sucker up.</em>

Because I definitely didn’t plant gutter oregano. Probably.

Alex Iwashyna

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28 thoughts to “UPDATED: I Ask: Is This A Weed?”

  1. Weeds are just plants growing in the wrong place according to author Ken Thompson. The plant in your picture is in the “cresses” family. See my post Weeds: goodplant or bad plant. Or get Mr. Thompson’s funny book The Book of Weeds How to Deal with Plants that Behave Badly

  2. If it isn’t oregano and has survived your tender mercies…’s a weed. Ignore the cute white flowers. That’s just a defensive move.
    Plant: “Don’t kill me. See? I’m pretty. Pretty. See?”
    N: “Tastes like hummus.”
    Plant: “Help me. Help me…..”

  3. hahaha – I am laughing at the hits your blog is going to get now because you used the words weed, pot, and herb all in one post.

    1. Ditto. The Google hits are gonna be amazing!
      Please bear in mind that I made fun of Ageless Male in a blog post recently, and that happens to be my top search phrase this month… So I speak from ineptitude.

  4. My best help would be to pull it all up- if it grows back, then you’ll know it’s a weed.

    If it doesn’t…well, you are already a plant murderer- so what’s one more on your record?

  5. Ok. So. I do think you have oregano. Particularly if your tiny white flowers look like the ones on this web page:

    I would wait a few months to see if the leaves get bigger and more recognizable before you harvest anything. Also, once the white flowers stop blooming, the leaves themselves should start getting larger and more fragrant.

    I tried to find more helpful information; however, when I googled “how can I tell if this plant is oregano?” I got a bunch of “my weed smells like oregano” and “how can I tell if my pot is fake” links. So…with my slight knowledge of herbs, this is the best I can offer.

    Sorry my post isn’t as funny as the others. 🙂

      1. Yes, I went to college. Yes, I graduated from Appalachian State University, home to the largest single demographic of herb-loving hippies on the eastern seaboard. Yes, I even lived in East Hall, the notorious dormitory that has graced the pages of “High Times” magazine.

        And I stand by my “slight” knowledge. I was a *mostly* good girl.

        Picture me with a halo over my head, hands posed piously beneath my chin. 0:o)

  6. If it doesn’t smell like anything, I feel absolutely confident saying that it’s NOT oregano. It *might* be hairy bitter cress, a really common weed.

    1. Wait, now I can see the flowers in the picture. It’s definitely hairy bitter cress. So in addition to getting an answer, you now have a rockin’ fun weed name to say.

  7. Hmmmmmmmmmmm……I don’t know. I’m going to say…yes, probably. BUT, it is a pretty weed, so I would totally keep it. BTW, I have no idea what I am talking about.

  8. I have started my garden as well. Maybe we should compare weed vs. real plant pictures and we might have a chance of eating something from our garden.

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