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I Ask: Did You Watch The Royal Wedding?

Yes, I woke up at 5 a.m.. Okay, 5:36 a.m..

I may or may not have just thought: 'What pajamas should I wear to the royal wedding?'
Royal pajamas chosen the night before.

I have no idea why.

Well, I know a little bit why. I mean, it’s a prince and soon-to-be princess. And I remember exactly where I was when Princess Di was killed in the car wreck. I love all the historic fiction on royal intrigue. I’ve read Fatal Majesty: A Novel of Mary, Queen of Scots twice.

I like the royal family, and I love hats. If I could chose a non-America place to live, we’d live in London. But because I don’t live in England, I ignore all the political, social and economic implications of royalty and the royal wedding. How relaxing!

Anyway, Prince William and Catherine look happy. And I could NEVER date someone for that long. Even a prince. Bully to Kate.

I already heard some royal wedding plans from you fantastic lords and ladies on Facebook.

But I want to know it all. Did you like Kate’s dress? The Queen’s yellow hat?

Lady Enough asks: Did you watch the royal wedding?

Disclaimer: The book is an amazon affiliate link. If you purchase something through a link from this site, I get 4-6% instead of Amazon. I included it in the hopes of boosting my hat collection.

Alex Iwashyna

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28 thoughts to “I Ask: Did You Watch The Royal Wedding?”

  1. I did not wake up early to watch. But I did have the TV on while I got ready for work. I too appreciate the majesty, history, and tradition of the royal family. Loved the hats. LOVED her dress.

  2. Wedding? What wedding? Who’s getting married? Did I miss a wedding? I didn’t get an invitation. Should I buy them a gift even if I didn’t know about the wedding? How embarassing, what do I say to them when I see them? “Sorry just heard about your nuptials. Emily Post says I have a year to get your gift to you.”

  3. I didn’t watch the wedding, but as soon as I got up at 6:30 I watched the recap on TLC, then I saw the Kiss on the Today show. Her dress was beautiful! I loved the whole thing, or what I saw of it. So classy!

  4. Of COURSE I was up – but without the fancy Royal Pajamas.

    Loved the dress.

    Loved the Queen’s whole wardrobe – she should have cut the bitch who also had the audacity to wear yellow.

  5. Nope– no watching here! The guys in my household did watch the news while getting around, though. I know, because I could hear their fake British accents while I was drying my hair this morning!

  6. I was up all night watching the wedding and tweeting. Now I’m back up and a little sleep deprived to press on. Did not play the Drinking Game because of having to work tonight. Maybe tomorrow on tape.

  7. I didn’t watch, but I’ve seen pictures, and I’d say her dress is beautiful and classy!

    When I went to a family wedding in England, I was the only one without something in my hair or on my head and everybody gave me crap for it.

  8. Wait…there was a royal wedding today? How did I not hear about this.

    Just kidding. No, I didn’t watch it. I can’t even wake up at 7:30 to get my kid to school. No way I can wake up at 5:00 to watch a wedding.

  9. I was up with you at 5:15 this morning. I also remember Diana’s wedding and her death later. I am fascinated by the royals, not sure why. Maybe just the fairytale allure it holds for Americans. I remember my mom getting me up for Diana’s wedding, so I guess she got me started me down the path. Until I saw her wedding royalty was a thing of myth to me. I was so amazed that kings and queens and princesses were real, I was completely mystified! So in honor of it all, I am drinking Assam in fine china all day and I am dressed fancy (for a stay at homey) in sky blue…I might even don a fascinator at some point today…boy, how I loved looking at those! And because you asked for it all…I loved the dresses, I thought the minister who officiated was not so hot – could have done without him! But the minister who did the sermon was fantastic! I loved him so much I had thoughts of going to London just to meet him! I loved the prayer Kate and William wrote together- touching! And loved that they kissed twice! Oh yeah, I thought it was weird that Willam didn’t get a ring…anything else…oh yes, I thought Barbra Walters was offensive at times and was embarrassed by her lack of respect for other peoples traditions. So there, that is all. And Thank You Alex for giving me a place to share…didn’t seem like any of my facebook friends were into it! (weirdos!) 🙂

  10. I did not want to watch it. I remember being a little girl when Princess Di and Prince Charles got married, and it was the perfect Cinderella story – even for a tomboy like me. BUT it was on when I turned on the TV for the girls at 6:15am, and I was sucked in. I will never forget where I was when Diana died, either. I posted a little about it today as part of a link-up.

    1. Oh! And I loved her dress and her veil – very elegant and simple. She’s beautiful on her own; doesn’t need a lot of bling. The queen’s yellow ensemble was very…. yellow. I about died when I saw whoever it was that had on the crazy loopy hat that was 3 feet tall get out of the car at Buckingham Palace. YIKES.

  11. 3 of us got together at 6am and watched on BBC while wearing pretty dresses and hats. (I have the most amazing fancy pink hat with an attached veil that I received when an old family friend with a hat collection passed away.) We were pretty obsessed with the insane hat worn by the girl sitting behind the Queen! Sadly, we all had to go to work so we missed the kiss 🙁 I was bummed they didn’t kiss during the ceremony. Also bummed Kate skipped the tradition of arriving at the wedding in a horse-drawn carriage- how could someone pass up that opportunity? And finally, I felt sad for William that he didn’t get married before he started balding and looking more like his dad!

  12. oh, it was all so juicy.

    Prince Harry’s stripper looking girlfriend.


    Camilla getting blown off by Queenie.

    And who would NOT take the royal carriage to arrive in ?

  13. I just caught snippets on the news. I wasn’t going to get up at 2 o’clock my time to watch it. now way.

    I loved her dress and veil. Soooo pretty. And I’m glad to see that they are in love, unlike his mom and dad.

    I loved her second dress, especially the sweater.

    I guess I could have DVR’d it. oh well

  14. I recognize that royal wedding outfit! 😉

    I stayed up all night until the kiss on the balcony, and then I crashed for about an hour until Katarina woke back up (yes, I got her out of bed at 4am to watch with me!) and wanted breakfast. I’m still tired!

    I did like the queen’s yellow hat. And I loved Pippa’s dress. I thought Posh looked ridiculous. Fergie should have stolen her daughter’s hats the night before and burned them. Kate’s dress was lovely, the lace was so beautiful (and usually I don’t feel that way at all about lace). I’m not sure that I loved William picking the bright red uniform, but everyone else seemed to love it.

    I remember when Diana died. My mom and I were visiting her Canadian family in Arizona for the weekend when it happened, and we spent pretty much the whole weekend watching the news.

  15. lard no. I tried to avoid it as much as possible. I don’t judge, but I just didn’t care. not on principle or anything. I just didn’t. anyway, my office has CNN constantly running (silently) and CNN had constant royal wedding coverage, so I did see some clips. I have to admit, her dress was pretty. and I usually hate wedding dresses.

  16. My alarm went off at 4:45, finally turned on the TV at about 5. DVR’d it too, since I missed the kiss in favor of being on time to work. We had scones, tea, special mugs, and tiaras. The tiara actually (randomly, I swear) came with a ring that looked like Kate’s ;).
    I can definitely identify with the fascination with the royals, I’m going to have to read that one. I remember waking up at 4 for Diana’s funeral. Prince William and I are the same age, and Prince Harry is about the same age as my sister, so I suppose that sort of helps me feel more of a connection to them too. That, and, the prince and becoming-a-princess thing. They looked so sweet together!
    I loved her dress, I thought it was so romantic and elegant. The Queen looked fantastic, I loved the yellow- so happy and joyful. The hats were fabulous, with a few appalling exceptions. But, on the whole, such fun fashion. I love those fascinators, too… makes me wish I had somewhere to wear one! Perhaps I’ll try to find one for the Kentucky Derby ;).

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