12 thoughts to “Where I Give Business Advice”

  1. Damn, you caught onto my marketing strategy of horrible brochures and creepy stalker-type sales tactics.

    LOL thanks for the shout out 🙂 So happy I made your week – all the insights I got from one night is totally helping me get REAL with my community and grow my biz. xo

  2. Did he ring your doorbell? I am HIGHLY suspicious of people who ring my doorbell (even if they’re carrying a Bible).

    Also, 70 degrees there? Am v. jealous.

  3. I am totally confused at the link between the pet service, the picture of Cujo, and the slogan under the picture. Bad, bad, bad advertising.

    And, at least you give good advice all the time!! 🙂

  4. that is one bad ad.

    when we lived in NoVa, we received an astonishing number of business cards and fliers for landscaping and tree services. but there was this one guy in particular who used to trawl the neighborhood regularly, distributing fliers and hailing dogwalkers and moms out with their babies to ask whether they needed trees pruned. fortunately (i guess), i had seen this guy around enough times to recognize him as the Creepy Tree Guy (complete with sketchy facial hair and inappropriate use of flannel) the day i was INSIDE MY VAN, buckling my sons into their carseats as he WALKED UP MY DRIVEWAY. i suppose he would’ve handed me a flier right through the passenger door had i not sprung out of the van at the sight of him and given him a stern talking-to about why women do not appreciate having strange men corner them inside their cars. particularly when their children are present. dumbass. i suppose one reason some men gravitate toward the landscape arts is that their people skills are only really adequate to dealing with grass and shrubs.

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