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I Love My Son: A Delightful Set Of Bad Quality Photographs

by Alex Iwashyna

in Motherhood, My Son

I have no words for the joy this series of bad quality photos brought me.

If you are off for President’s Day, I hope that you have as much fun as this. I kind of hope we do, too, since up until yesterday, I was convinced my children had school on Monday and were off this Friday.

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Eve February 20, 2011 1

Love dem pix. I like pictures that show the “ham” side of a parent/child relationship.


Helene February 21, 2011 2

Just read your guest post over at Natalie’s and wanted to come over and say hello! I loved your post….I could totally relate to it, having had a “moment” similar to that this past week!

These pics are great!!
Helene recently posted..Wont you be my neighbor Well- maybe not after you read this


Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli February 21, 2011 3

A holiday you say? That would explain the quiet of Twitter. We have a holiday too but it’s called Family Day and only some parts of Canada have it. It’s very confusing.
Either way- have a good day.


Klz February 21, 2011 4

Those look like awesome, quality pictures to me
Klz recently posted..Faking It


TheKitchenWitch February 21, 2011 5

That first pic is especially winsome.


Michele February 21, 2011 6

Absolutely love it – esp. the one of him nomming your head. hehe.
Michele recently posted..Sunny Day- Chasin the Clouds Away


andygirl February 21, 2011 7

he’s so freaking cute. I’m surprised he didn’t break the camera with all that cute.
andygirl recently posted..soaking her in


Jessica February 21, 2011 8

What cute pictures!


SuzRocks February 21, 2011 9

Awwww…you guys are so cute! Almost makes me want one. :)
SuzRocks recently posted..Getting Shanked in Tijuana is Romantic


Not Your Ordinary Agent February 21, 2011 10

Aw, looks like great quality time together. Love those moments.
Not Your Ordinary Agent recently posted..Mexican Casserole


Kristeen February 21, 2011 11

So much fun!
Kristeen recently posted..Hard Questions


Jill February 21, 2011 12

So precious! LOVE the nose picker. :)
Jill recently posted..FREE RedBox code


Neil February 21, 2011 13

That was cute. Especially the part where it looked like you were eating the other person’s brains.
Neil recently posted..The One Essential Writing Question


Tracie February 22, 2011 14

Great pictures…the fun radiates off of them. I love it!
Tracie recently posted..A Surprise Happiness


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