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Why Don’t Christmas Decorations Self-Destruct?

by Alex Iwashyna

in Going Green, Holidays

I’m so sad to take this tree down.

Mostly because it took three hours and three people to put it up. And it’s not even our Christmas tree. Oh, and we decorated two other trees in our yard. Plus lights.

We are stupid.

I want Christmas decoration mission impossible style.



Okay, I don’t know if I could handle that music all month. Or the fire.

Maybe eco-decor that biodegrades by Spring! It’d still be better than Christmas lights in June. (I wish that last sentence was an exaggeration.)

Holy crap, it’s hard being such a genius.

Scientist with this technology? CALL ME.

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Carolyn (temysmom) December 26, 2010 1

There is a reason people leave their lights up all year long – it is a pain in the ass to take them all down. I just love how people put up their lights the first of December and then don’t bother to take them down until February.


andygirl December 26, 2010 2

number one reason I didn’t decorate this year. cleanup is a bitch yo.
andygirl recently posted..Sexy Saturdays- The Boys in the Band


Christy December 26, 2010 3

My MIL wants to take down all decorations the day after. I find this a little sad and Grinch-like. Nothing at my house comes down until after New Year’s Day.

If you’re bored, check out my post on how to properly ambush…er, uhm, MEET Santa. :o)

If we could catch the guy, perhaps we could coerce some elves into taking down all the ornaments!
Christy recently posted..The Repeal of DADT and Human Nature


Christine December 26, 2010 4

I both hate and love taking down the decorations. It’s such a boring activity, but God the house feels fresh when it’s all done.
Christine recently posted..Peaceful and wrinkle-free


Yuliya December 26, 2010 5

Seriously biodegradable ornaments are a genius idea. Make it happen.
Yuliya recently posted..Merry Merry


Tracie December 27, 2010 6

The only Christmas decoration that we did this year was a gingerbread house…decorations that you can eat when the holiday is over rock!
Tracie recently posted..A Glimpse of Christmas


Klz December 27, 2010 7

Check it: it’s cold here. Those puppies are staying up. I feel mildly shamed…but warm. Shamed but warm
Klz recently posted..How Do You Spell OCD


Conflicted Mean Girl December 27, 2010 8

I love this idea. I’ve been sadly staring at my Christmas tree since the day we put it up thinking, “I’m going to have to put this all away in 24, 23, 22…days.” I’m good at wiping the joy out of holidays. Self-destruction would be a great solution.


Natalie December 27, 2010 9

I’ve got a good six hours or so of un-decorating to do. Maybe I’ll just leave it up for next year….less than 365 days to go!
Natalie recently posted..Sometimes I Make Fun of Stuff


the Mother December 27, 2010 10

Christmas decorations may not self-destruct, but I certainly wish we could detonate all remaining bulbage on January 2.
the Mother recently posted..The Sixth Plate


Megan (Best of Fates) December 27, 2010 11

Ooh – it’d be like Christmas 4th of July. Only with more death and less independence.
Megan (Best of Fates) recently posted..A USO Christmas


Late Enough December 27, 2010 12

(yes i did go to raise my fist while typing that. but it’s impossible)


Liz December 27, 2010 13

Biodegradable ornaments is a great idea! That doesn’t seem to work with my Halloween pumpkin, however, which sits around for longer than it should. I suppose that’s a lot to biodegrade though.


Lady Jennie December 29, 2010 14

I wish I could have been part of your makes fun of stuff review. Such a funny idea.


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