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The Best 115 Movies We Have Ever Seen. Also I Feel Better.

I’m feeling better.

In a lot of ways.

I’m back to my old give-a-guy-a-dollar self. I think writing about it and y’all letting me know that I’m not alone or a terrible person helped. Also, I did something nice for other people. And I got to sleep a lot this weekend. People are so much nicer when I am asleep. I mean when I GET some sleep.

I’m not pooping my bed. I think my husband is pretty psyched about this turn of events as well.

And I’m rocking at Angry Birds. And am currently accepting virtual high fives.

All-in-all it’s been a good Monday.

Although I watched Taxi Driver for the first time and was disappointed. Does that make me lame? I wanted to like it, but with all the build up (and a nap — hey, I was REALLY SICK), the shooting scene should’ve rock my socks off. And it didn’t. Although I liked the ending.

Before you movie snobs freak out on me, here are (most of) Scott’s and my favorite movies although we stopped updating the list as often since we had children. Also, movies have sucked. I only bothered to add Children of Men. Okay so movies have probably sucked less than I’ve been lazy. But it’s still an amazing list that took me forever to make into a fancy chart and create a document for you to download. Especially in my still fragile state.

movie theatre
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You should know that I like a movie that is what it is. If it’s billed as a slap-stick comedy, then that’s how I judge it. But if it’s billed as a movie that will make me think for a week and all I can think about are the holes in the plot, it’s not making the list. So I included a key. Have fun judging us!

The Key:

O = old film “classic”
I = indy film
C = comedy
Tj = tearjerker
D = drama
K = kids
A = action
M = musical
R = romance
S = sports
E = epic
H = horror
Sf = sci fi
Su = suspense
Ca = coming of age
Cd = comedy/drama
Ts = true story
Fg = feel good
Tb = teen-y bopper
W = western
Doc = Documentary
Fg = feel good
Tb = teen-y bopper
W = western
Doc = Documentary

The Movies:

62 — S
A Few Good Men — D
Ace Ventura Pet Detective — C
Adaptation — D
Aladdin — K
American History X — Ts?D
And the Band Played On — TsD
Any Given Sunday — S
Aristocats — K
Army of Darkness — CH
Arsenic and Old Lace — OC
Beaches — Tj
Beautiful Girls — RC
Big Fish — Ca
Blazing Saddles — WC
Bowling for Columbine – Doc
Braveheart — E
Breaking the Waves — ID
Bring it On — TbC
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid — OW
Casablanca — OR
Chicago — M
Children of Men — ID
City Slickers — C
Clockers — D
Cool Hand Luke — OD
Dr. Strangelove — OC
Dracula (Bram Stoker) — H
Eight Men Out — S
Falling Down — D
Fast, Cheap and Out of Control — Doc
Father of the Bride – CaC
Field of Dreams — FgS
Fight Club — ID
Flamingo Kid — C
Forest Gump — CA
Freida — Fg
Frequency — D
Gettysburg — D
Gladiator — A
Glory — D
Gone with the Wind — OD
Good Will Hunting — Ca
Goodfellas — AD
Hamlet (Ethan Hawke/Mel Gibson) — D
Happiness — ID
Harvey — C
Heathers — CD
House of Yes — ICd
Indian Jones (first 3) — A
It’s a Wonderful Life — Fg
Kicking and Screaming — IC
LA Confidential — D
Lawrence of Arabia — OE
Leap of Faith — C
Liar Liar — C
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels — IDC
Lord of the Rings (all 3) — E
Mallrats — C
Memento — ID
Monster Inc — K
Moulin Rouge — M
Much Ado about Nothing — C
Nightmare Before Christmas — K
North by Northwest — OSu
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – OD
Outsiders — OCa
Patton — D
Psycho — OSu
Rabbit-Proof Fence — Ts
Remember the Titans — TsS
Rudy — TsS
Saving Private Ryan — D
Se7en — Su
Shane — W
Shindler’s List — TsD
Silverado — W
Singles — R
Star Wars (first 3 esp) — Sf
Strange Brew — IC
The Big Chill — D
The Big Lebowski — C
The Birds — OH
The Breakfast Club — CA
The Celebration — ID
The Diner — C
The Exorcist — H
The Godfather (all 3) — E
The Graduate — OCa
The Hospital — C (satire)
The Matrix (all 3) — A
The Natural — S
The Piano — ID
The Princess Bride — KC
The Professional — IA
The Shawshank Redemption — D
The Sixth Sense — Su
The Sting — ODC
The Story of Us — Tj
The Talented Mr. Ripley — Su
The Untouchables — A
The Usual Suspects — Su
The Wall — I
Three Amigos — C
Tombstone — W
Total Recall — A
Traffic — D
Twelve Angry Men — OD
Twelve Monkeys — Sf
Unforgiven — W
Vertigo — OSu
Waiting for Guthman — IC
West Side Story — OM
Whale Rider — Fg
When Harry Met Sally — RC

You can download the list by clicking here: Late Enough Loves Movies (MSWord)


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17 thoughts to “The Best 115 Movies We Have Ever Seen. Also I Feel Better.”

  1. Oh my lands, did you really poop in your bed?

    I have loved “Singles” since the first time I saw it and it NEVER gets old. I have also been known to watch the YouTube video of “My Little Buttercup.” Also, how hunky and tan and self-absorbed is Jude Law in “The Talented Mr. Ripley”? How about a lot.

    Good list, lady!

  2. Not many people have a favorite movie chart with a Key. That’s ok; I still love you and think you are normal. Of course, this is coming from someone who has her spices alphabetized. So maybe you are only my kind of normal, which is awesome actually!

    Glad you are feeling well and don’t need Depends anymore.

  3. I noticed that Tb-Teeny Bopper was listed twice. Then I noticed that Fg and Doc were doubled. I went through through the List a couple of times looking for Feel Good Teeny Bopper Documentaries…..NaDa. Great List. I Super Approve of the following:
    Dr. Strangelove
    Fight Club
    A Few Good Men
    Dracula (Bram Stoker)
    It’s a Wonderful Life
    The Sixth Sense
    and a lot more.
    If you liked Mallrats…watch Clerks.
    Slug Bug, Don’t Slug Back

  4. You have quite a few of my faves.

    One that I’m sure you have never seen is the french original of Dinner for Shmucks. Order it – I promise you’ll love it, subtitles and all. It’s called “Le Diner des Cons” and it’s probably the funniest movie I’ve ever seen.

  5. The Princess Bride is one of my all time favorites… and Forrest Gump.
    However, I may have to seriously re evaluate our bloggy friendship, based on the fact that Footloose in not on your list.

    Also- I’ll be curious to know what you guys think of Black Swan… if you can get away and see it!

  6. I am very happy with most of your list but am worried that Sleepless in Seatle and Dirty Dancing are not on there, very very worried.

    I am glad you are feeling better sorry about the filling and the pooing in the bed thing. That’s always awkward especially if you have to wake the hubby up so that you can change the sheets, how do you explain that and not loose some sex appeal points? “hey, sweety I know it’s like 4am and stuff but you have to get up cause I just shat the bed but you’re still going to think I’m sexy right?”
    Yeah so anyway I’m glad you’re better

  7. you guys should see the rest of the wold, all you have is americain movies one out of ten is a good movie, the rest are made for video.

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