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My Buns Are On Fire And I Got The Hippie Out Of My Washing Machine. Not Really Related At All.

by Alex Iwashyna

in My Family, My Son, WTH

My son runs up to me: MY BUNS ARE ON FIRE!

Dammit kid, I’m a BLOGGER not a FIREMAN.

So I grabbed my iPhone.

If you can’t see the video, click here.

If you want to move into my house, click here. Okay, there isn’t anything to click on but since y’all were so so kind yesterday, I thought that I’d offer.

And if you hate videos or want to take a minute to support my new review site, This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff, I pretty much wrote the best review ever of a washing machine cleaner. Low bar, I know, but STILL, you should probably read it before you do anything else today. Unless you don’t like laughing. Or minty-fresh washing machine breath. Seriously, even my husband said: Well if this post sucks, at least you are linking to a hilarious one.

Go read: If You Have A Washing Machine That Smells Like A Hippie, I Can Help You

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Megan (Best of Fates) December 30, 2010 1

OH… I admit, I truly thought your son was baking and having a terrible fire incident.

But this makes it less weird you vlogged instead of helped.

Though I wouldn’t judge either way.


Jenni Chiu December 30, 2010 2

Oddly… now I want cinnamon buns.
Jenni Chiu recently posted..All I wanted for Christmas was my pre-baby vagina back


the mama bird diaries December 30, 2010 3

Burnt buns are sad indeed.
the mama bird diaries recently posted..the storm


Chara December 30, 2010 4

Ahhhhh! I so love this game!

Stop. Drop. And ROOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!


andygirl December 31, 2010 5

I think I actually just squeed. and his sis is going along like, I’m not really sure what’s happening but it seems fun!
andygirl recently posted..On Dating and Assholes and Aesthetics


Tara February 15, 2012 6

Adorable video. Sounds like you had an amazing Valentine’s day!


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