I Ask: What Should The Slogan Of My Husband’s Pediatrics Practice Be?
FYI: We Love Boogers.

We tried this once before but then I got all distracted by the bedazzled cars and MY NEEDS. So only Late Enough ended up with a slogan.

But y’all were so helpful with my site and I was so helpful with Dr. Cynicism’s site (I’m sure he’ll pick one of my suggestions VERY SOON) that I thought we should team up and help West End Pediatrics out for reals this time.

Here are my ideas to get you going:

West End Pediatrics
Those Guys Are Awesome.

West End Pediatrics
We Like People From Other Areas Of Richmond, Too.

West End Pediatrics
Read LateEnough.com

West End Pediatrics
Also, We’re Ninjas.

West End Pediatrics
We Like Your Kids. Unlike Scott’s Wife.

West End Pediatrics
Stopping Hitting On My Husband.

West End Pediatrics
We Have No Idea What’s Wrong With Your Kid.
But It’s Not Your Fault. Well, Maybe A Little.

My sister’s contribution:
West End Peds
We Meet Your Needs

She must have mentioned that it rhymed eight-two thousand times. Whatever business major.

So I ask: What should their new slogan be?

And yes, they really are looking for a slogan right now, so if you miraculously get chosen by a bunch of nerdy doctors, I will buy you something. Something small. Also know that my husband hasn’t really read my blog since the sperm incident so if you buy ME something, he’s a lot more likely to hear about your suggestion.

Answer that everyone adores except Scott’s actual practice.
Lori from In Pursuit of Martha Points writes:
West End Pediatrics
Now with 25% more feigned interest.

Answer mostly similar to what Scott wanted to do before I got you guys on board but I’d still give her present if it gets chosen because I’m awesome like that.
Erin writes:
West End Pediatrics
Treating your child as our own.

Alex Iwashyna

Alex Iwashyna went from a B.A. in philosophy to an M.D. to a SAHM, poet and writer by 30. She spends most of her writing time on LateEnough.com, a humor blog (except when it's serious) about her husband fighting zombies, awkward attempts at friendship, and dancing like everyone is watching. She also has a soft spot for culture, politics, and rude Southern people who offend her Yankee sensibilities. She parents 2 elementary-aged children, 1 foster baby, 3 cats, and 1 puppy, who are all Southern but not rude. Yet.

83 thoughts to “
I Ask: What Should The Slogan Of My Husband’s Pediatrics Practice Be?
FYI: We Love Boogers.”

  1. Haha, “stop hitting on my husband”… that’s hilarious. How about

    West End Pediatrics
    We’ll pretend your ugly baby doesn’t scare us

    I’ll take my present now 🙂

  2. West End Pediatrics
    We Love Kids, with a sauce.
    West End Pediatrics
    We make Boo Boos Better

    West End Pediatrics
    We Have Chocolate

    Rhyming is so 2009
    Onomonopea is where it’s at!

    West End Pediatrics
    Onomatopoetic Pediatric

    West End Pediatrics
    Where All the Good Moms Go

    Stop me before I type again…Muhahaha!

  3. Well, those are some pretty catchy slogans. I’m nervous to compete. But for real, do moms really hit on your husband? With sick child in tow and all? Impressive.

    Um…West End Pediatrics: It’s where all the cool kids go.

    I like your ninja comment, maybe add GERMS in there: We’re like germ fighting ninjas!

    West End Pediatrics: We’re Superheros…with a stethoscope. (Riley’s favorite)

    West End Pediatrics: We care for your kids like our own.

    1. I like the We’re Superhero’s.. with a stethoscope.

      Also, yes, yes moms do… even a mom with a “sick” kid ALL the time who NEEDED to see Scott. One day I happened to be there and Scott introduced us. She stopped doing that…. Heh

  4. West End Pediatrics
    Cute Kids Go First

    West End Pediatrics
    Some of Your Kids are Ours

    West End Pediatrics
    Ask Us About Our Group Rates

    West End Pediatrics
    Bring that Lil’ Whiner on in.

  5. Dude, women hit on your husband? Lands.

    West End Pediatrics–
    Dose ’em with Motrin and THEN call us

    West End Pediatrics–
    We’re Interested in You Out of Professional Courtesy

    1. Oh yes they do. But my husband is like the lovey doveiest about me so I think their dreams die fast.

      Love “We’re Interested in You Out of Professional Courtesy” Heehee

  6. West End Pediatrics
    Cause we have loans to pay off.

    West End Pediatrics
    Where medicine meets the penal code.

    West End Pediatrics
    Effort with your kids now means you can convince yourself it’s not your fault later.

    West End Pediatrics
    Now with 25% more feigned interest.

  7. West End Pediatrics
    Where your family is our family.

    Oh and I love the ninja one and the one about liking other areas also made me laugh. Ok got to brain storm some more ideas.

    1. So if your family is our family, does that mean we get to yell at each other and complain about who does the dishes? Haha.

      I’m glad you liked the ninja one. He could have little ninjas can jump around the “W”!

  8. I got board and checked out West End’s website. It says Scott is married with one child. Did he forget or did you fail to mention something important?

  9. West End Pediatrics
    Still haven’t lost a kid to the zombie invasion

    West End Pediatrics
    Where You Would Take Your Kids if there were zombies

    West End Pediatrics
    Boo-Boos Not Bombs.

    West End Pediatrics
    We Won’t Tell “Dad” He’s Not Really Dad.

  10. Fabulous suggestions. And I assure you I am not one of the ones that has hit on your husband. So you can like my suggestions.

    I do like the previous suggestion of “treating your child as our own” and “your family is our family”.

    I’d like to suggest…
    West End Pediatrics
    Raising healthy kids together

  11. West End Pediatrics
    your kids will love how close it is to 7-11!

    West End Pediatrics
    Because Dr. Scott is awesome (please note: I do not mean in a hit on him kinda way. plus, it is kinda creepy that people (1) hit on a married man (2) in front of their child/ren)

    West End Pediatrics
    Doctoring without the pompous attitude

    but seriously, I do like the your family is our family one…

    1. Calling my husband awesome does not constitute hitting on him AT ALL. Showing up everyday with your not-sick kid — even at their lunch hour? A little much.

      I love the 7-11 slogan.

  12. West End Pediatrics
    You don’t have to just WISH you were one of our patients!

    West End Pediatrics
    Good Medicine, Good Looks, Good Times
    (who needs Disneyland?)

    West End Pediatrics
    TLC for kids AND their parents

    1. I like “You don’t have to just WISH you were one of our patients!” — it’s there a pop song about wishing you were hot like me or something? We could totally use that. But not in a weird way…

  13. i don’t think i can top “now with 25% more feigned interest,” because that’s gold. but here’s what i’d like to see as i’m walking in with owen:

    west end pediatrics
    we sedate.

  14. You and Scott are clearly all about the humor, so how about…West End Pediatrics: Humor is the best medicine AND your kid is funnier than we are.

  15. The problem with your sister’s contribution is that even though I know in my mind that when you shorten pediatrics it comes out “Peeds” when I was just reading it and not thinking I read it “Peds” and then it doesn’t rhyme.

    No, I do not have a constructive idea of my own here. My presence is better suited to mocking and knocking other people’s ideas. It is a gift.

  16. “yes, i’m sure it’s nothing.”

    “no, his head’s not too big.”

    “73rd percentile is COMPLETELY normal.”

    “now with added enthusiasm!”

    “this won’t hurt a bit!”

  17. West End Pediatrics
    Keeping kids healthy through their own West End Stories

    Orr … West End Pediatrics
    We help because you caught it here

    😉 tee hee

  18. I don’t know if Grey’s Anatomy would sue you for using Arizona’s term, but “treating the tiny humans” would be cool.

  19. West End Pediatrics
    We love babies, but we couldn’t eat a whole one

    West End Pediatrics
    OMG your kids has cooties, AIEEEE!!!

    West End Pediatrics
    Cuz Alex needs more shoes

  20. I’m a N00B, but I decided to post instead of lurk. :o)

    Here are my contributions:

    West End Pediatrics
    “The Anti-Anxiety Docs”

    “The Place to Catch Your Next 3 Colds”
    (Check Out the Play Area!)

    “Yes, we like kids…if we were only in it for the cash, we’d have picked ortho.”

    “Calming Paranoid Parents Since 1997”

    “Calm Parents, Happy and Healthy Kids”
    (So CALM DOWN, Parents!)

          1. Ahhh…got it. I keep meaning to get around to reading the series and end up getting distracted. By other books. Currently: The Hunger Games trilogy.

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