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Part Two Of The Halloween Big Reveal: Our Costume Was…

by Alex Iwashyna

in Holidays, My Daughter, My Son


Like this:

The fruit basket

Only better:

A Still Life With Fruit. And Cute.

At least the bowl is still paying attention.

Catch up on how we got here in Part One. Or just meet the art!

E the Banana

Pensive banana.

Chiquita did NOT sponsor this post.

N the Apple

I can't believe she tolerated this.

She only ran when she saw the candy bowls. And squirrels. Otherwise, it was the SLOWEST WALK EVER.

Alex the Grapes

Finally all the grapes are back. Also the headband is for a dog. Shut up.

Scott the Bowl & Frame

Just in case you thought he was a diaper.

Hope y’all had a happy Halloween! We did. Once we left the neighborhood party and methodically collected enough candy to not grocery shop for a week.

Disclaimer: All posts this week will be written high on sugar after battling two children high on sugar. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Photo credit: The fruit basket by Gunjan Karun on Flickr Creative Commons

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Tate October 31, 2010 1

Great family costume! I never would have thought of a doing a still life, I love how it turned out! The frame really pulls it together, go Scott for playing that part. I love it when people are willing to sacrifice for Halloween.


Katie October 31, 2010 2

Awesome! Glad you had a Happy Halloween!


bmomma October 31, 2010 3

I’m feeling like the second “framed family” photo should totally be your Christmas card : ) love it.


Late Enough October 31, 2010 4

You’re a genius! But then what will we do for that entire day I run after my Christmas-colored children yelling STOP! SMILE! STAND NEAR EACH OTHER! NOT THAT CLOSE! PUT BACK ON YOUR PANTS!


Chara October 31, 2010 5

HYSTERICAL! LOVE that you all had a picture frame around you. Too fun.


Melissa October 31, 2010 6

Love N’s hair, love the costume! Glad you all had fun and have lots of sugar to supply energy!


Kate October 31, 2010 7

Great costume theme. And I am totally impressed that y’all made it.
Happy sugar crazy week!
Kate recently posted..All in all- a good day


andygirl October 31, 2010 8

awwwww! you guys are adorable!

“I’m a bowl.” awesome. totally awesome.
andygirl recently posted..that one time I got engaged


Mandy October 31, 2010 9

Awesome. Simply, awesome.
Mandy recently posted..Ghostly Garland


Blogging Goddess November 1, 2010 10

So cute and so glad that night is over!


TheKitchenWitch November 1, 2010 11

Both the pensive banana and the adorable apple made me smile. You are so creative!


Laura Flickinger November 1, 2010 12

What great costumes! I love the “I’m a bowl” shirt. You guys rock!


Tracey November 1, 2010 13

My favorite part — the color coordinated paci! That’s commitment to a theme for a one year old!


KLZ November 1, 2010 14

I really do love those costumes. I bet the frame was quite a pain to drag around though.
KLZ recently posted..Christmas Shopping- Blog Style


Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points November 1, 2010 15

I’m now thinking that using the StarFleet costumes was totally cheating.

I love Scott as a bowl.

I love that he had a shirt that said “I’m a Bowl.”

And I love that you had a frame.

That’s very existential of you.
Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points recently posted..A Loving Exchange


Walt November 1, 2010 16

Max points and kudos for creativity. Point of order… N was going at the Proper Speed. Stalking and hunting are SUPPOSED TO BE SLOW. You only pounce when you lay eye on your prey. Scott- The Uber Husband/Father! Being the Bowl? The vessel that holds the family together? Kinda Freudian when you think of it. How come you didn’t get to be the bowl?

PS: Spotted the Mobile Kid Transporter (wagon). WTG!!


Kensington November 1, 2010 17

The great thing is hubby can wear the “I’m a bowl” shirt long after Halloween. Let the questions begin!


Carolyn (temysmom) November 1, 2010 18

I always love when people do family costumes like that. We’ve never done it but I’m thinking next year might be the year. Better start thinking now.


molly campbell November 1, 2010 19

You outdid yourselves! I wish you had come to my house! The best costumes we saw this year were also from a family: The father, who is actually a doctor, came dressed as a patient, complete with a hospital gown and bare rear end out the back (made of plastic). His three year old was dressed as a surgeon, complete with a stethoscope and mask. The mom was a nurse, and she had a hypodermic and a bedpan. I love Halloween. We ran out of candy. molly
molly campbell recently posted..MOVING ON UP


Allison @ Alli 'n Son November 1, 2010 20

That is hilarious. It totally looks like a diaper. Sorry. But still, you get props for creativity. I haven’t dressed up in years.


Jenni Chiu November 1, 2010 21

Oh- you are my most favorite costumed family!
I love it- even if the bowl looks slightly like a daiper… What? Who said that?- shut up.


Martha November 1, 2010 22
Tiffany November 2, 2010 23

AAAAAAHHHH WOw!!! It’s the most awesome family halloween costume I’ve ever seen by someone I actually know! Kudos for health consciousness, art reference, craftiness and husband-who-will-play-along-with-craftiness. :)


Late Enough November 2, 2010 24

I knew you would love it :)


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