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Part One Of The Halloween Big Reveal

We begin with E because he’s old enough to have an opinion but not old enough to be asked to compromise on it.

He wants to be a banana.

Yes, because he has no idea what candy or super heroes or evil witches are.

JUST KIDDING! We ALWAYS discuss the evil witch that will steal him if he doesn’t listen to me.

(We think it’s because he saw our banana and gorilla costumes… from another Halloween thankyouverymuch.)

So I start to think of how to create a family theme: Could N be a gorilla? Then could Scott be a tree? But what will I be? And what is it? A Tarzan theme? And why am I thinking in only questions?

I abandon the jungle scene when E insists his sister must be an apple.

Scott suggests: Fruit of the Loom?

Me: This is NOT 1990.

On Tuesday, the idea comes to me. So Scott and I begin drawing.

Clue one. We also left it for our waitress.

We hit up a fabric store, a hardware store and the dollar store. (Okay, I don’t actually think that we bought anything at the dollar store. Mostly because we don’t encourage their practice of charging more than a dollar. FALSE ADVERTISING.)

Also this:


The final pictures and theme are coming in part two of the Halloween big reveal!

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