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My Son Has A Bigger Blog Than Me (Formerly Do Not Drive And Pretend To Tweet)

by Alex Iwashyna

in Awkward, My Family

We are driving.

Well, Scott is driving. I don’t even have to remember if that’s true. Because it is. I hate driving. Conflictingly enough, I also hate Scott driving.  Because he’s a bad driver.  After multiple arguments over me NOT WANTING TO DRIVE and me TELLING HIM HOW TO DRIVE, we’ve compromised (marriage, eh?  I’m also thinking of becoming a Canadian blogger.) and now I spend most of our drive quietly looking like this:

Hand covering eyes

FYI: It's hard to take a self-portrait while covering your eyes.

Back to the car… Scott and I are discussing deep and insightful stuff while I silently pray for a quick death due-to-driving-skill.

Suddenly E interrupts (not sure if you can interrupt without suddenness. I’ll try this week and let you know. Or forget. Anyway.) E says: Don’t talk, Dada. I’m tweeting out my blog.

Me (to Scott): E has a big blog. He told me yesterday.

E: Mama! DON’T TALK! I’m tweeting out my BIG blog.

A few minutes of uncomfortable silence goes by as I watch E use an imaginary iPhone to get on Twitter.

E: Okay, you can talk now. I’m done tweeting out my blog.

Me (to Scott): See? I don’t make them wait long.

Scott: Oh, I don’t think you say that to the kids.

Me: Well, that’s very nice to think.

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AKeo August 10, 2010 1

Gotta love kids and their honesty. It’ll get you in trouble or give you a good laugh. Being a teacher I’ve heard more than I care to about the intimate or strange details of family life from my students.
AKeo recently posted..Nap Time Is My Frenemy


the Mother August 10, 2010 2

I’m currently feeling all smug, since I don’t tweet, so that’s one tiny thing the kids can’t throw in my face.


(One of my kids really does have a blog. So he doesn’t get to complain.)


Walt August 10, 2010 3

E has more readers than I.
E has more subscribers than I.
E get more comments than I.
I’m going back to bed.


TheKitchenWitch August 10, 2010 4

I am laughing so freaking hard. I bet E is more witty on Twitter than I am. Jealous now.
TheKitchenWitch recently posted..Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins


Walt August 10, 2010 5

ARRRRRRR! E has more Twit Wit.

Pillow over head.


mecarol August 10, 2010 6

I feel a bit better about my son pretending to scream at people about their computers on the phone. Only a bit, though .


KLZ August 10, 2010 7

This explains some recent tweets I’ve gotten demanding juice.
KLZ recently posted..You Say Its Your Birthday


kalisa August 10, 2010 8

I always drive. I hate the way Chip drives. He drives like he’s the only person on the road. Since Chip is prematurely gray (and also prematurely balding) (he’s only 40) and since I’m always driving him around, I imagine that people look at us and think that I’m married to a senile old man who’s too incapacitated to drive anymore.


soccermom August 10, 2010 9

Wow, E sounds very smart for his age.

I dont even have time to tweet. WHat kind of topics does he discuss on his “big” blog?


Natalie August 10, 2010 10

Well, he must be a very busy boy if he has a BIG blog! Mine is still little…maybe he should start giving lessons for success.

Love KLZ’s comment!
Natalie recently posted..Make Me Up


ShannonL August 10, 2010 11

HILARIOUS! That is so cute. Kids, eh? (hee hee, you should TOTALLY become a Canadian blogger… you would be even more awesome!)
ShannonL recently posted..All she wants to do is dance and sing- and kick- and flip!


Adrienne August 10, 2010 12

So funny. Tweeting out my big blog – that’s awesome.

I offered to help my eldest start a blog so he’d have a place to put up his comics. His response? “I don’t want to blog! Then I’d have to get Twitter, and put it on my Facebook, and do all that other stuff, and before I knew it IT WOULD TAKE OVER MY LIFE!”

Smart kid.


kat August 10, 2010 13

Haha! From a very early age our daughter would tell us she wants “to do twitter now.” Color me slightly embarrassed to admit that she does have her own twitter account — for cute baby-book stuff at first, and now for funny quotes.

Also, I have learned that hardcover books double nicely as laptop computers. Oh, technology.


kellie August 10, 2010 14

lol…Don’t you love it when those kids one-up us!

Kids! Husbands!
What’s a girl to do.


Allison @ Alli 'n Son August 10, 2010 15

Yea, my son routinely checks his email on his “phone”. Often times he has a message from Elmo. He obviously ranks higher in the email world than I do.
Allison @ Alli ‘n Son recently posted..CouponChiefcom- A Review


angelica August 10, 2010 16

how about letting E drive?


Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip August 10, 2010 17

I’m with Angelica. You should let E drive. He seems pretty adept at all things grownup. PS Could he tweet out my blog too? Cuz I don’t know how….


Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli August 10, 2010 18

We’ve had very similar experiences. My 3yo. asked when we can see her blog.
Guess this what our kids will grow up thinking as normal. Crazy things they do and say all over the interweb.


Corinne August 10, 2010 19

I love it!
When I was telling Fynn about why I was going away for three days for BlogHer I said it was for blogging and he said – and I kid you not – “Blogging? What you talkin’ ’bout Mommy?”
It didn’t dawn on me that I never talk about the blog to the kids ;)
Corinne recently posted..August 10th


Liz August 11, 2010 20

Nailed it! Once again – you keep me sane. Whew.


Sarah August 11, 2010 21

You should so become a Canadian blogger ’cause that would mean you’d have to move to Canada! Score!

That is too funny. Q is only 2, so the most I get it ‘Look at ME, mommy! Not phone.” Oops…


Alexandra April 11, 2011 22

Alexandra recently posted..Sunday Best – Blessedness


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