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by Alex Iwashyna

in Marriage, Resentments

A crappy picture does NOT diminish how annoyed I am.

Me: Is that a crack in my windshield or a drop of water?

Scott: Oh that’s a crack in your windshield.

Me: When did THAT happen?

Scott: What? I don’t know.

Me: What did you do?

Scott: NOTHING! It happened while you were driving.

Me: No, I would remember something like that. You were driving.

Scott: I was NOT.

Me: When were you going to tell me?

Scott: Maybe it happened when we BOTH had our hands on the wheel.

Me: I can’t believe you cracked my windshield.

Scott: This just went from funny to not-funny.

Me: Well, it’s a little funny. Until I look at your crack in my windshield.

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Miss Welcome June 22, 2010 1

I think it’s funny.


Late Enough June 22, 2010 2

And that’s why I love you.


Aging Mommy June 22, 2010 3

Well that little interchange and the last line had me laughing, even if Scott was not so amused! Sorry about your windscreen – sometimes when something hits the screen it doesn’t appear to have done any damage and then weeks later a crack will just appear – honest! :-)
Aging Mommy recently posted..Downtime With Dad


Late Enough June 22, 2010 4

Dude. You managed to take NO ONE’s side. Are you like a UN ambassador? Or a hostage negotiator?


Aging Mommy June 23, 2010 5

Neither – negotiating with a toddler is far more challenging than the task of any peace negotiator :-) My three year old is far harder to successfully negotiate with than the cabling company boardroom executives I used to have to deal with!
Aging Mommy recently posted..Downtime With Dad


Mrs.Mayhem June 22, 2010 6

Gotta find at least a little humor in the minor, crappy events, right??


Late Enough June 22, 2010 7

Exactly. And by humor, I mean humor at my husband’s expense. Because that’s the BEST kind of humor.


Kate June 22, 2010 8

I’m all for a conspiracy theory… Our cracked windshields (somehow we have a crack in each!) were clearly caused when the aliens had a battle with the zombies. Of course.

Our maybe your N and my little one took a joy ride and since they don’t know better haven’t told us about what happened.

We’ll never know.


Late Enough June 22, 2010 9

Did you know that I’ve read about alien zombie battles TWICE today. You are SO onto something here.

(N is TOTALLY going to be that teenage girl. I’ll just blame it on your teenager’s influence. From Texas.)


Kate June 23, 2010 10

I’m sorry we’re already a bad influence. My first was big into double fisting it early on (apple juice and water baby) and my second is well on her way to being an excellent disruptive force. She has this look, you don’t want me to do that? Ha!!!


ShannonL June 22, 2010 11

You two are awesome! And you are always hilarious. Sounds like a conversation I’d have with my hubby. Of course it would be all his fault!!! :-)
ShannonL recently posted..Busy Weekends and Cranky Kids


Late Enough June 22, 2010 12

DUH!! Always his fault until proven otherwise.

(and thanks for your kind words.)


soccermom June 22, 2010 13

Yeah if you cant laugh about something so small then what does that say? I say its freakin funny.


Late Enough June 22, 2010 14

I think it says that we’re glad that we are taking about the windshield and not something else. And by something else I mean penises. But not a specific penis. Although I could name names from my past. Thank goodness I ended up with my husband. Now this response is just awkward.


Story Lady June 22, 2010 15

Oh, windshield cracks. I hate them. But I love your humor.
Story Lady recently posted..Find Me At


Late Enough June 22, 2010 16

Can you promise me it won’t grow? I’ll stay funny!


the Mother June 22, 2010 17

How DARE he try to pawn that one off on you!



Late Enough June 22, 2010 18



Alyxmyself June 22, 2010 19

This is why I won’t drive behind big trucks. Their tires kick up pebbles and boom…pocked windshield.
Alyxmyself recently posted..First, a complaint. Then, a story.


Late Enough June 22, 2010 20

What do you do on the highway? Do you go for the speedy pass or do you drive really slow to avoid the trucks?


Christine LaRocque June 22, 2010 21

Me: Yep, you two are cracked! But we love you anyway.
Christine LaRocque recently posted..Balance is worth it


Late Enough June 22, 2010 22

aw, thanks. sorta.


The Sweetest June 22, 2010 23

On the way to school this morning, Hayden noticed what he thought was a big crack in MY windshield. It was bird shit.
The Sweetest recently posted..Opportunities Lost and Gained


Late Enough June 22, 2010 24

I hate birds. Seriously. Ugh.


jules June 22, 2010 25

We decided long ago that if it happens in the car, it is Hubby’s fault. If it happens at home, it is my fault. Seems to work.
jules recently posted..The Family that Knows About the Blog


Late Enough June 22, 2010 26

I like that. Except that our home is 50 years old. So I’m kind of getting screwed in this. So maybe I don’t like it. Can’t I just blame him for everything? It’s easier. And FUNNY. TO ME.


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] June 22, 2010 27

He totally did it.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] recently posted..Official findings: Whoever smelt it, dealt it.


Late Enough June 22, 2010 28

And this made my night. VAGINA POWER! We need t-shirts now.


margaret June 22, 2010 29

anyone notice the face within the crack ‘area’?


Late Enough June 22, 2010 30

Um, way to creep me out.


Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him June 22, 2010 31

If you role reversed this one, it would be me and my husband. He could literally pile into the back of a semi and would turn to me, from the driver’s seat, and say, “What’d you do??”


Late Enough June 22, 2010 32

Ha! Hey, wait a second… Does that mean you’re gonna kill me too?

This SUCKS. I don’t WANT to be your husband {pout}

Well, maybe I can be. If we still have funny conversations and put at least half of them on my blog too.


Krystyn June 22, 2010 33

So…did you figure it out?

My hubby actually did get a crack in my windshield when I was out of town. For some reason, he drove my car. It cracked all the way from top to bottom!

PS You might want to check your feed from me…you might need to re’s acting funny!


Justine June 23, 2010 34

Did someone just say Vagina Power here? Yup. I must be on the Late Enough blog. Yup. :P

This sounds like an exchange between My Guy and me. Never our own fault. Always the other’s. When in doubt, deny, deny, deny!
Justine recently posted..She beds strange fellows


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