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My Son Guest Blogs But I Refuse To Rename The Website I Eat Sand

by Alex Iwashyna

in My Son, Reading & Writing Elsewhere

I am incapable of writing after yesterday’s post (and staying up until 1:30 a.m.). So I have asked my son to guest post. He’s three and a half. E begrudgingly agrees to contribute some words and photography:

ye5htg54tre5rt5erwq w2 1eq33ew3reef545e

and then he types his name and hits enter 26 times.  I’ll spare you the enters.  You’re welcome.

He is not any less prolific with his photography.


He took all the pictures. Without prompting. He’s a genius. Or just looking forward to embarrassing his sister.

And yes, the hotness in the green flannel monkey pajamas and yellow Frankenstein boxers, is me. The green monkey line is not available in stores anymore. But you can always go with these in a pinch.

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Reasonably Chubby May 3, 2010 1

Pure talent! :) I love picture #6…it’s how I feel many days. This post was a good idea, which means now I’ll have to steal it. The idea, I mean. ‘Oh, little neighbor kids, could you do me a favor?’
.-= Reasonably Chubby´s last blog ..Love Is a Many Splendored Thing =-.


Alex Iwashyna May 3, 2010 2

Steal away! (as long as you aren’t my neighbor — because my son’s already busy blogging)


Christine LaRocque May 3, 2010 3

A budding blogger and photographer! Lucky mom.
.-= Christine LaRocque´s last blog ..I’m spoiled =-.


Aging Mommy May 3, 2010 4

He is a budding photographer and writer! I think I will pass on the PJ’s though :-)
.-= Aging Mommy´s last blog ..Three Is A Magic Number =-.


The Mother May 3, 2010 5

I don’t think the world is ready for the Goth to have his own blog. Oh, wait–he does. But I’m not allowed to read it.
.-= The Mother´s last blog ..Grab the Butterfly Net! =-.


Alex Iwashyna May 3, 2010 6

I LOVE that your son doesn’t let you read his blog. And that you comply. You are a GOOD mama.


Cecilia May 3, 2010 7

hahaha! I Eat Sand is NOT a bad idea. My son has all kinds of blog ideas for me and I have been thinking about having him guest post one of these days too. Freaky thing is that I just found out that in the 1st grade kids at his school are encouraged to start their own blogs!! They are through the school website and password protected. I can’t even imagine what they’d say. So, the day will be here before you know it! (He’s a great photographer, by the way)
.-= Cecilia´s last blog ..Mom + Camera + Cute = Internet? =-.


Alex Iwashyna May 3, 2010 8

OMG. Their own BLOGS!! That’s cool and so strange at the same time. There are second graders who have been blogging longer than us.


Cecilia May 3, 2010 9

PS – I mean, he, your son, is a great photographer. My son likes to take pictures of his feet.
.-= Cecilia´s last blog ..Mom + Camera + Cute = Internet? =-.


SoccerMom May 3, 2010 10

I’m thinking you have a kickass photographer in your future.


Melissa May 3, 2010 11

Oooh! How nice of him to help! I love, love, love finding pictures that I daughter has taken. I get her little perspective of the world, from her height, from her little eyes. She takes pictures of hearts she finds in shadows and reflections. It is the most precious thing.

You’re lucky you can still wear flannel pjs. It’s hot here which means I’ve begun assaulting my family with skin. The 5 year old has yelled, “Ewe, Mom!” more times than she would like.
.-= Melissa´s last blog ..You’ll have to excuse me while I tend to life. =-.


Kate May 3, 2010 12

Too funny — My girl had to add her own story after my husband laughed out loud at one of mine. “Mommy, I want a green piece of paper like that.”
I don’t know if the world is ready for the fantastic photo art she creates. She’s ahead of her time (or chopping off all heads).
.-= Kate´s last blog ..just a couple of little moments… =-.


becca May 3, 2010 13

Honestly, and succinctly, you’re both adorable.
.-= becca´s last blog ..Mawwiage =-.


Jana @ Attitude Adjustment May 3, 2010 14

At least, if nothing else, we can all see that she’s a cutie! (And that you’re a fashionista!)
.-= Jana @ Attitude Adjustment´s last blog ..Pregnant in Paris =-.


ck May 3, 2010 15

From my daughter to your son:

jueirms b ops678;klz

I think they’re made for each other.
.-= ck´s last blog ..rulers =-.


Alex Iwashyna May 3, 2010 16

I just hope they aren’t talking about us. Or cursing.


Miss Welcome May 3, 2010 17

Oh, I thought the pictures were of him! I kept thinking – how could he be 3.5? He looks ….. first of all, like a girl. And second of all, about as old as my baby.

Then I realized it WAS a girl. And a baby. So he’s not such a bad photographer after all. :o)
.-= Miss Welcome´s last blog ..Two Things =-.


life with Kaishon May 3, 2010 18

Oh my word. This might have been the best guest post I ever read. : ) So sweet. He is a cutie for sure. LOVED this! I am visiting via Scary Mommy’s blog tonight.


Alex @ LateEnough May 3, 2010 19

Psst… In today’s blog post I have secret messages in each of the photos. Scroll over them slowly… Love, Me


Kate May 3, 2010 20

“I have LEGS”… I just almost woke my baby laughing. Maybe it’s too late to be up…
.-= Kate´s last blog ..just a couple of little moments… =-.


Jenn M May 4, 2010 21

This is super-cute. I love giving my son control of the camera and seeing what he decides to photograph–and it will be great to show them later!
.-= Jenn M´s last blog ..Dear 22 Month Old, =-.


Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip May 4, 2010 22

I’m smelling a pulitzer and some kind of global photography award. Definitely. Way adorable. Way cute. AND be careful because someone might just hijack your monkey pjs now that we know they are no longer available… Watch your back. It might even be the elderly zombies. They like monkey pajamas so I’ve heard.


angelica May 6, 2010 23

ok, THIS is your blog. found it. it must be lined to FBK?


angelica May 6, 2010 24

clearly I am tired because I had been here before…..
.-= angelica´s last blog ..On home and identity =-.


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