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My First Vlog Or Two Secrets For The Price Of One Video

by Alex Iwashyna

in Resentments

I try my hand at vlogging (video+blogging). Because there’s something I need to show you and my photography skills are not good… enough. Oh and I accidently break my husband’s blog-onymity. But he is okay with it because he gets his three minutes of fame. Which, as you will see, is VERY important to him. So break out your headsets (if you’re at work) and enjoy!

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Jana @ Attitude Adjustment April 26, 2010 1

Okay, so I just tried to watch and it tells me “It’s a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you have accepted the sender’s friend request.”

What’s the deal-io?
.-= Jana @ Attitude Adjustment´s last blog ..The Unbearable Lightness of Swinging =-.


Alex Iwashyna April 26, 2010 2

Okay. I think that I fixed it. But will you try again and lmk? I’ll love you forever!


Stephanie McGregor April 26, 2010 3

I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog and I think the video is HILARIOUS! My Mom and my sister are stylist and I grew up with a salon in my house. I never saw anyone in my family with grey hair until my Mom decided she was tired of coloring her hair and I totally freaked out and said PLEASE Mom color it back and after a few months of begging she finally did whew! I have quite a few grey hairs and would like to get my hair colored but it just never happens. We see S. for our Doc sometimes and love him too! It was no surprise to see him be so funny while you were doing your first and hopefully not last vlog! Thanks for bringing a smile to face, as I have 2 girls 16 & 6 and some days you just really need another mother to share!


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 4

I am SO happy that you enjoy the blog and ESPECIALLY the vlog :D And it is SO funny that you told your mom to dye her hair! I can’t IMAGINE if my kids were ASKING me to dye it! It’s so different when we become moms, huh!?! New perspective…
Thanks for reading and your encouraging comment… I told appreciate needing to connect with other moms in the trenches.


Jana @ Attitude Adjustment April 26, 2010 5

Saw it!

I got a couple of gray hairs when I got pregnant each time. The kids did it to me in the womb. If I woke up with more, like you did, I don’t know how I’ll behave. Could we wear it loud and proud? You know those ladies who let their hair go all gray and they wear it long and they look like wizardesses? That’s not so bad, right? Hmm…

Love seeing your vlog! Thanks for sharing.
.-= Jana @ Attitude Adjustment´s last blog ..The Unbearable Lightness of Swinging =-.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 6

I WANT to wear it loud and proud — except I’m 31 years old. I just am just not ready to look ten years older than I am… (although I AM excited for the wizardess indoctrination!)


Alexandra April 26, 2010 7

Oh, he is so very cute.

And you broke his cover LONG before you said his name at the end. Go back and watch it, you’re laughing and you say, “scotty…scotty.”

You are beautiful, and adorable, and sweet, and have lovely teeth and a gorgeous smile and fantastic doe eyes…and..and..and I don’t think I can be your friend anymore. *sob* BUT YOU”RE JUST TOO PERFECT!!!

Love the vlog…I want to do that. Tell me how you set it up and I REALLY REALLY like it. Just give me some time to get over your awesomeness. I get knocked down like that frequently, I’ll be alright…I’ll get back up. Story of my life.

You go, girl…you got it all goin’ on.
.-= Alexandra´s last blog ..LOL =-.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 8

Do you have a webcam? Email me and we can talk about how I did it!
I should’ve showed you the post-pregnancy fuzzy belly — so you could you feel better about my “perfection.” ;P


Chara April 26, 2010 9

Just some thoughts on the gray appearance…
~ I saw you the day before and feel partly responsible since you got them AFTER our time together.
~ You may have more due to Dr. SpikeyHair’s antics UNLESS laughter erases gray hairs, then you’ll be fine!
~ Stacy London is a very chic and hip fashionista on TLC’s What Not To Wear and she has this cool gray streak that she refuses to color and it looks so cool on her and not at all like Ezmerelda. How do like working stelletos on playdates?
.-= Chara´s last blog ..Earth to Riley =-.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 10

How OLD is Stacy London? Because I want to pull off the cool gray streaks… but I’m 31 years old. And I dress frumpy half the time (although I’ll wear stilettos at the playground if you will ;))


Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him April 26, 2010 11

If there is ever a Vlog my husband would participate in it would be one that showcases my gray hairs. G would be more than happy to make the world aware of my gray streak of wonder. I get a skunk stripe (as he calls it) right down the front.

Good luck at the salon!


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 12

Did you hear Scott say in the background: Wow, you can REALLY see them!
Sigh… I’ll let you know how it goes.


Cecilia April 26, 2010 13

Great to see you Alex, grey hairs and all! Sigh…I have the same problem and it all happened out of the blue this year. What my hubby and I do is spend late nights pulling them out for one another. This is the post-baby life’s answer to sex. It’s our bonding time. But as my dad used to say to my mom when she pulled out her grey hairs, “What are you gonna do when the grey hairs outnumber the black ones?” Can’t wait to see your new ‘do next week!
.-= Cecilia´s last blog ..My Identity as a Writer — Blogger =-.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 14

Y’all are like the monkeys who de-lice each other except you are de-greying each other!! Hilarious!! (My husband and I used to pop each others’ zits. Awesome. And I can’t believe that I just admitted to it.)


Aging Mommy April 26, 2010 15

Oh it is so nice to see you and listen to your voice. We should all try and do a vlog I think – oh wait! I can’t because Momnesia caused me to leave our camcorder on the back of my husband’s truck and leaving it there all weekend from whence it no doubt fell off on his way to work on the Monday morning!

You’ve seen my new look, colors courtesy of my daughter so I think you should ask your kids what color to go with too! I would just add go easy on the orange if that is included in their request as in the daylight my hair is looking more than a little psychedelic! Can’t wait to see your new look – we will need another Vlog with the results.
.-= Aging Mommy´s last blog ..Bed Time Is Party Time In Our House – And What’s Wrong With That? =-.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 16

Oh no! Momnesia caused me to lose a special ring my husband gave me (at least it wasn’t my engagement or wedding ring)… so annoying!
And I’m HOPING to keep my hair the same-ish color… Im saving PINK for when I turn 40. (And my husband and I are getting matching tattoos when we turn 50. (Growing older is FUN too!! :D)


Justine April 26, 2010 17

Wow, you are exactly and not at all how I pictured you and your voice. If that makes sense. Nice to put a face/voice to all this witticism all the same. Didn’t know funny people can look so normal, even beautiful. :)

And I totally hear you about the grey. Don’t hate me, but I’ve yet to discover one but I am dark-haired and I dread the day I do because I’m really not sure what I would do. My mom is in her sixties now and STILL dyes her hair because if she doesn’t, it would be silver all over. So now it’s still black, and she doesn’t know when to stop. How jarring it would be to see her with black hair one day and all grey the next time I see her.
.-= Justine´s last blog ..Busy but not moving forward =-.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 18

Thanks. (although i wonder how you DID picture me… but I may not REALLY want to know ;))
And I hate you. I liked to blame it on my dark hair. And now I can’t :P


ettemeyer April 26, 2010 19

Oh, you are so brave to do a Vlog. I am so not going there any time soon, so more power to you, Alex!
.-= ettemeyer´s last blog ..One for a Gloomy Sunday =-.


Scott April 26, 2010 20

In my defense: It takes my wife 5 minutes and countless re-writes to send out an individual 140 character or less tweet. How was I supposed to know this wasn’t “take 1″ of about a 15-20 “take” night?


Stacia April 26, 2010 21

Likely story! You reminded me of John Corbett in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, especially the going-down-the-fake-stairs part. =>
.-= Stacia´s last blog ..Bragging Rights =-.


Mrs.Mayhem April 26, 2010 22

That’s what vlogs are for… the really important topics. Too funny. You are beautiful.
.-= Mrs.Mayhem´s last blog ..Sunday Morning Bike Ride =-.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 23

EXACTLY! This is nothing to vlog at (that didn’t even make sense — but it made me LAUGH! You too?


Claudia April 26, 2010 24

Alex! I love you! So great to have you almost “talking” to me. Can’t wait to REALLY talk to you and FINALLY meet E and N at reunion. I turn in my dissertation today (yay!). I’m sure it gave me a least a dozen grey hairs.

BTW, LOVE your kitchen. You are such an adult. my goodness.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 25

I can’t WAIT to see you too!! And the kitchen is GREAT. I just wish that I was a better cook…


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) April 26, 2010 26

I remember getting my first gray hairs. I was 18 and it was highly traumatic. I’ve been dying my hair for so long I’m not too sure the state of my natural color now. I may very well be 100% gray. I think you look great!
.-= Marilyn (A Lot of Loves)´s last blog ..Making a Bad Deal =-.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 27

Thanks! I got my first at 24. My hairdresser let me keep it. My grandmother went gray early so I guess I got THAT gene. Lucky us, huh?!?!


Reasonably Chubby April 26, 2010 28

I love your Vlog! I too intend on vlogging in the very near future, maybe tomorrow? Anyway, so sorry to hear about the gray…I hope you are able to find at least a partime job soon to cover the expense of “root maintenance”. Try not to cry too hard when you see your stylist tooling around town in their cool little red corvette.Paid for by yours truly. :) Don’t worry, beauty is worth it. Now go see if the gas station is hiring…hurry.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 29

My stylist is always trying to get me to buy products too… she is TOTALLY looking at me to get that red corvette!
(altho I am using the wash out dye so I was TOLD that roots will not be a problem… we’ll see (and when I vlog it, so will you!)


Butterfly April 26, 2010 30

Love the VLOG! I feel your pain as I’ve been dyeing since my 20′s. Acceptance, and regularly scheduled salon appointments are the key! (-:


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 31

YAY!! Acceptance is ALWAYS the key I hear… ARGH!!


Stacia April 26, 2010 32

Love the two of you clowning around! And those lovely stick-figure drawings … where can I get a skirt like that?? =>
.-= Stacia´s last blog ..Bragging Rights =-.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 33

Oh I’ll just send you the picture and you can have a seamstress make it. Im sure that it’ll look lovely on you — you’ll have to VLOG about it!


Carly April 26, 2010 34

I feel your pain Al. I have this one little patch of grey that happens to be right in the middle of my part. What are the odds? Of all the head locations they choose to set up shop in the most visible place. Grrrr.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 35

Why is it ALWAYS in the most visible SPOT!! DARN YOU GRAY HAIR


Donna Bausch April 27, 2010 36

I feel your gray hair pain Alex! Not that I think gray hairs on anyone else looks bad or feel that THEY need to color THEIR grays. But ON ME, most definitely. I had no gray hairs last year before the appearance of baby M. But since January (and is it just coincidence baby M’s birthday?) I have several. Not just in one place, but all over the place. So I spoke w/ my stylist last Saturday about my coloring options. J. thinks I’m crazy, but it seems all I can see when I look at my hair are those grays!! It’s like there’s some sort of magnetic force only I am subject to, because my eyes go right to them.


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 37

My eyes are the same — I tried denial post gray streak but I just COULD NOT ignore them. So here we go!!


Melissa April 27, 2010 38

So….here is the positive. I have a patch of gray hair as well. It is on the edge of my growing out bangs and it is curly. I don’t have curly hair. It is HORRIBLE. At least you can hide your patch between “enhancements” (my term for coloring my hair). My gray patch just sits out there, waiting to be noticed. UGH.

And as far as Captain Attention in the back…his silliness reaffirms my family’s decision to have him as a doc. He is a real person doing real silly person stuff. :)


Alex Iwashyna April 27, 2010 39

You have a CURLY one! Oh no!!! And I am totally calling him Capt. Attention from now on — are you in on it too? I think we can get his entire work to do it if we try!


Sarah April 29, 2010 40

Well, who doesn’t love a vlog I ask you? Marvelously done.

About those grays, my dear…I have many. Well, I used to have many. So many, in fact, that I the gray seemed to infiltrate my very flesh and I looked ashen all the time. So now? I dye. I started dying my hair at the SALON (which was before only a bi-annual visit) every 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS! But by 5 weeks they are creeping back in… No, wait, not creeping. They are rushing back in! Yes, rushing hairs. It freaks me out, too.

My hair stylist says with vigor, every.single.time I am there, “Oh yes, you have premature gray.” Um, thanks. I know. Just cover that crap up and let’s move on.

One benefit? If you can get over the scheduling snafus of salons and motherhood, you have at least an hour of alone time to peruse People or tweet from your iPhone or…listen in on salon-y conversations. Ooh, how fun.


Sweta May 1, 2010 41

WOW,it was great to see you!! :) I don’t have the gray hair thingy YET but I KNOW i’d freak out waaaay more than you might have! Eh,you’re adorable :)
.-= Sweta´s last blog ..I have a lot to do! =-.


Jenni Chiu July 30, 2012 42

This is exactly what happened to my hair! My streak was WAY bigger, though. It wasn’t really a streak – more like just 70 percent of my head.
I’ve heard it only happens like that to really smart, creative people. I might have made that up.


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