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Best. Doppelgänger. Ever.

by Alex Iwashyna

in Fashion and Flare, Reading, Social Life

In support of Doppelgänger Week on Late Enough (just like Facebook’s, it will last all month), I am revealing my doppelgänger.  Which turned out to be the BEST. DOPPELGANGER. EVER.

I had not PLANNED to participate in Doppelgänger Week on Facebook.  I could only come up with a possible kleptomaniac or a cartoon character.

But my friend, C, recommended a doppelgänger that I COULD NOT RESIST.

Alice from the Twilight Series!  A vampire!  A FASHIONABLE VAMPIRE!  (Of course, I’ve read the series.  I may not look like a teeny bopper anymore but I sure ACT like one.)  So up it went.

Later that week, someone from high school friend-ed me on Facebook.  I accepted and we both checked out each other’s profiles.  Are you ugly?  Do you have kids?  Do you live in some exotic place (like a small town in Connecticut)?

The next day (also known as everyday), I’m on Facebook.  But on this particular day, a chat bubble pops up:

HS Friend: Hi!  I like your hair!

Me: Thanks!  I’m growing it out so it’s at a length that I don’t usually like it but I’m ready for a change. (A change called PONYTAILS!)

(I go on about my hair for two minutes.)

HS Friend: Well it looks great!

Me: Thanks! Bye!

Ten minutes later I click on my profile page and realize that HE WAS COMPLEMENTING ALICE’S HAIR.

Best. Doppelgänger. Ever.

(Sorry R.  Her hair looks WAY better than mine anyway.)

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2TheSchmoo March 7, 2010 1

I am having to stifle laughter while the Roo is napping for fear I'd bust a gut at the Doppleganger compliment THAT YOU ACCEPTED! Bwauahahahah! I must admit I am a tad proud of myself too. But you two TOTALLY look alike!


Walt August 9, 2011 2

Oh my…that is a good doppleganger. I want William Shatner to play me in the movie.


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